5 Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android Smartphone for 2020

Are you getting annoying Ads on Android Smartphone then, you have to the right place because here I am going to discuss how to block Ads on Android.

Ads are not inherently wicked but annoying as hell, however, no one can get escape from the small screen, android phone or computer. By downloading the wrong apps will give problems like Malware detector.

Ad Blockers

Best Ad Blocker apps for Android

So here are some of the Best Adblocker for Android.


Adaway in the list is one of the best choices for users as it chases all the ads away and free ad blocker for Android for rooted phones. Anyone can use this app it is simple to use and based on the host’s file. Adaway effectively redirects the connections to some of the ad services to your local device so due to which none of the ads will be showing on any website, app or game on phone or tablet.

It has whitelist and blacklist domain, IPs so that you can sort the list accordingly.

Adblock plus

Adblock plus is worth to mention in the list as it is free ad blockers for Android for rooted phones that work at the background and filters all the advertisements. Though the installation and configuration of the app differ from device to device, the Adblocker comes along with the distinct functionality for rooted and unrooted Android devices.

This app merely filters all the traffic out of the box and prevents phone from malware and tracking behind ads. Furthermore, Adblocker helps to save data and battery by blocking ads.

AppBrain Ad Detector

As the name itself, you can understand that AppBrain is smart enough to detect ads that are a free ad-block app for Android with an inbuilt constructive brain.

It can detect up to 70 different aspects of apps installed on the phone and also informs which ad networks are integrated into the app and indicates pushing ads as well. One of the unique features of this app is that it lets users know which app has access to an account and personal messages to avoid.


If you don’t have the root access to your device then, Adguard is one of the best solutions for an Android device. Adguard offers groundbreaking features so that no complex procedures will come beforehand and creates a local VPN connection to filter ads, trackers and other malicious content. Furthermore, Adguard connections are all encrypted by which your data will be saved.

Free AD Blocker Browser

Free AD blocker browser is another free adblocker for Android phone that lets users navigate extremely fast on the web. Free AD blocker uses the most advanced engines due to which page load times on this site response is quicker. Someone doesn’t like ad while browsing, so the free adblocker is the best ad-free web browsing. Free AD Blocker blocks ads, videos ads on YouTube, other streaming services and the most importantly it prevents battery and data loss. Moreover, Free AD Blocker Browser is especially for a clean and simple interface to use.

VPN Based Ad Blocker

VPN Based Ad Blocker block ads by filtering connections at the DNS level that means it stops ads request before leaving the Android smartphone, translating into better performance and more battery than other apps. So there are several VPN ad blockers those are DNS66, AdGuard, Blokada.


So this is the best Adblocker list for Android that works efficiently to block advertisements from your Android phone and has the groundbreaking features so that no complex procedures will come beforehand. I hope that you like it and install the app by your own choice. If you have any queries regarding this article then please feel free to ask in the comment section below. And if you like this article then please share. Thank you!