Alight Motion for PC – How to Download and Install Tutorial


Alight Motion is the pro motion graphics app for videos and animation editing. It is also available for PCs too. We can play as long as we want without any limitation of battery, disturbing calls and mobile data. Alight motion has also become the best video and animation editor for the PCs.

Awesome Features of Alight Motion

The features of the Alight Motion for PC are as follows:-

  • Alight Motion have full key mapping support for better and efficient control of keyboard and mouse or the gamepad.
  • The Alight Motion also has multiple game accounts or tasks on single PC at single time having multi-instance manager.
  • Alight motion helps in gaining the easy control over the games which will make easy for you to play games.
  • The app has the professional quality motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, animation and video compositing.
  • You can export MP4 videos or GIFs by using Alight Motion.
  • The save option is also there for your preferred components for re-using it in the future.
  • Even there is velocity based motion obscure.

The features mentioned above makes this app an outstanding app for downloading purpose and enhance your experience of video editing and gaming and that too professionally.


How to Download and Install Alight Motion on a PC

  • Download Bluestacks Android emulator on your PC.
  • Click on exe to install
  • Sign in or create a Google account.
  • If you have a Gmail account, you can use it to sign in to Google Play.
  • On Google Play search for Alight Motion app.
  • Click on install.