Fix Apk install button Not working ( Latest Solutions)

An APK file is an alternative solution of getting an app on your device from a third-party website when you can find it on the google play store or any other app store.

Sometimes you can click on the download button of the apk file because google doesn’t allow for so. Actually, Google is very conscious to keep your device safe and secure so if you are facing the problem, that you are unable to download the apk file, don’t worry this error is fixable.This problem is a security measurement by developers to protect the environment maliciously free.

apk install button not workinf

How to Fix ‘Unable to Click on Install Button during APK

Here we are suggesting some tips to fix these errors.

Enable Unknown Source –

First of all, You should make sure to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources us enable. You can do so by going settings to your device and under security settings you will find Unknown Source option. Just on that button. This is a very initial thing we should do before installing any Apk file.

Uninstall or Disable Screen Overlay app –

The overlay app is for appearing one app over another app. There is various overlay app like screen dimmer, screen recorder, sticky icon, etc. These apps use extra screen space and RAM.

These apps overlay the original screens. If you don’t want to uninstall those apps just disable them. Along with this, you will need to clear the recent using app tabs. Now you can click on an apk file to download.

To disable these apps You need to go into settings. Then go to the Apps and Notification option and then go to the advance and find Special app access. Here you will find the Display over other apps. Just keep it off.

Clear Cache Data –

This could be also a reason for the error to fix it. Again you will have to go to settings and go to the Apps section. Now go to the Storage and find the Clear Cache Button. Click on that button and the cache memory will be cleared

Install Unlocker App –

If the above solutions not worked and still you can’t install an apk file then you can get help from any Unlocker app available in the google play store.

These called Button Unlocker Apps. You only need to install the app. After having the app you will need to on the app and enable the Accessibility permissions. Now go to the apk file you want to download and click on the install button. It will start working.