10+ Popular Apps Not on Google Play Store| Banned Android Apps (2020)

Most of the best apps for Android are from the Google Play Store, but today I have come up with something different that is 10 Android Apps banned on Google Play Store. Most of the apps have the best features that you can find but are not on the Google Play Store.

best banned apps

Top 10 Apps Not on Google Play Store

So let’s See the List of Top 10 Android Apps which are not available on Google Play Store.


As we all know that Netflix & Amazon Prime Video will make a hole in your pocket price may decrease but, for sure it will never be free, and this is why you guys need Mobdro. Mobdro gives direct access to live sports channels like CNN and live TV right on your smartphone. There are many other apps similar to mobdro which are not on play store but are very popular among millions of users such as showbox, movieboxpro, bobby moviebox, oreo tv etc.

It supports Chromecast and more than 200 channels that users can select from, but this app contains ads. However, users can opt for the premium version so that the adds won’t pop up in the middle.

Lawnchair 2

If you want to swipe Google now to work then, you have to turn the pixel launcher to the system app, but only if your device is rooted. Hence the Lawnchair brings different customization altogether on pixel launcher along with the Google now support. Now I hope that you guys got the difference from the Google pixel launcher which is available everywhere.

APK Mirror (Unofficial)

Whenever a new app is released by a vendor, APK mirror is the first that uploads APK on their site so that users can download and install it on Android device. APK mirror is trusted by most of the developer as they never mess with the APKs and insert malware or unwanted code that’s why most of them love it.

But to some, it’s not easy to open APK Mirror and search for android apps. Hence the unofficial APK Mirror app will help to browse through APK Mirror and allows download favourite Android apps right from the app.


I hope that you guys have noticed that downloading apps for free from Google Play Store have ads popping up all over it and becomes annoying, so the AdAway helps remove all the ads from every app on your Android device and saves time and bandwidth as well.

But to install this app, you need to root access on your Android device. Besides, the app has astonishing features and lets to check the updates and block a new ad network.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher helps users to remove ads, patching, remove license verification, modifying APKs, backup/restore and much more as it is handy, but users have to root their device to run the Lucky Patcher. So try Lucky Patcher to test its features.

Amazon UnderGround

Most of like to shop from Amazon but, you guys have not heard a lot about the Amazon UnderGround, and if you’re the official app then I must say that you have missed out a lot of fun.

By going to the official Amazon Website, you can download the Amazon Underground app as there are tons of apps on Amazon Underground app some are at the reasonable price and some are free. Besides, that you will get a wide variety of apps and game to enjoy but the app has a geographical restriction. You can also try GTA sanAndreas apk and MX player for android.

Popcorn Time

The first thing that pops in your mind is relaxation and movie time as the app lets users download their favourite TV series as well as movies with a single click. Now no more stumbling across the web, torrent site, and Google to download the movies and tv shows, Popcorn Time is a godsend.

There are several apps on the internet, but no one of the apps is as complete and as bug-free as Popcorn Time, so without a doubt, you will like this app, and the best part is that users watch the trailer before downloading, excellent quality of the video, select subtitles as well.


Viper4Android is the father of all equalizer as users can configure almost anything with this app, but you need to root your Android device to run the app and comes with a limitation. So if you’re a music enthusiast then, you will love the audio output that you are going to receive from this app check out the features that Viper4Android offers down below.

  1. AnalogX
  2. Spectrum Extensions
  3. x86 Support
  4. Speaker Optimization
  5. Differential Surround / Haas Effect
  6. Fidelity Control
  7. Headphone Surround+ (VHS+)
  8. Auditory System Protection (Cure Tech+)


You may have heard about this app somewhere or read about it. TubeMate lets users download the videos from YouTube and download the extract MP3 from the videos as well and you can also download tubemate on pc. A couple of years ago downloading videos from YouTube was not against their terms and condition, and there were several apps on the Google Store. Besides TubeMate is one of the best apps for downloading YouTube Videos.

These are 10 Android Apps that banned on Google Play Store.Please feel free to provide suggestion on new apps that you find useful in the comments below.