Best 10+ Rooting Apps for Android Phone 2020 [100% Working]

Being the regular Android users, there is all the hardware access. But, what about the extended software benefits?

Rooting the smartphones based on Android comes with a bucket full of benefits. And, the most important among them is, the complete control and access. So, from removing the advertisements, to recovering lost or corrupted data, for extending the versions of Android, there’s a lot that can be done with rooting the Android phone.

Root Android

Best Apps to Root Android Phone

Let’s go through the best apps for rooting the Android phone:


Being a performance booster, this app can enhance the battery-life of the phone by about 2-4 hours. It is extremely easy to use and available as both paid and free. Its major function is to hibernate the apps running in the background. Once certain specific apps are hibernated, it will prevent the drain of your precious battery.

Also, it gives a feature of selective hibernation, where one can choose which apps to be hibernated and certain apps like Gmail, WhatsApp, will be active.

Titanium back-up

It is basically an “Automatic back-up and recovery app”, but only that it is the best back-up app in trend for Android users.

From un-installing bloatware, to restricting the functioning of certain apps by freezing them to restoring all the data to a new ROM, it can take care of desktop widgets and back-up and restore every app setting whether protected or system apps.

It can also set up a complicated and customised hold over back-ups and removes all the undesired data from the old applications.

Disk Digger

Being the memory-saver app that it is, this app acts as a virtual life-saver. One normally does not need this app, until certain important files are deleted accidentally. But, these accidents of deleting the important photo or file while deleting unwanted ones, can only be solved by Disk Digger. You can also try Kingroot for android and Lucky patcher for android.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is a file manager app with the apt managing skills. With these, it is not only to copy-cut-paste, unzip and zip files, it also has additional features like FTP, support with cloud storage and network storage devices.

RAM Booster

RAM Booster is the “must” app for those wanting to enhance the operating speed of the phone.This is the perfect app in cases where the phone hangs repeatedly, goes on a restart mode during very heavy usage of high-storage capacity apps.

It functions efficiently by penetrating into the phone’s RAM, evades the unwanted usage by the background apps which are running profusely, and enhances the RAM for the important apps.

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Mx player for android
Stick war legacy

Super SU

By providing a better shield-security and functioning, this app is the security officer every phone needs. It is highly attractive and easy-to-use.

It majorly functions by denying the admin-level access to all the malignant apps and simultaneously giving the necessary working space to the trusted apps.It is a powerful app and can work even when the phone is not rooted properly.


Just as the name suggests, this app is the best app to null and completely avoid the annoying and unwanted advertisements of the apps and the browser. It sets up a filter at the root-level, which automatically functions in blocking the advertisements from the websites.

This may enhance one’s browsing experience with hassle free exposure to even websites like YouTube.


It is basically an audio-control tool, that dynamically monitors the functioning and playing of the audio sounds. So, from Bluetooth to speakers and headphones, this app regulates the playing of the sound with its self-equipped equalizer, normalizer, and varied effects.


This app not just enhances the attraction features of the smartphone, but it justifies the smartphone and personalizes the upgradation of the keys. It has amore than 150 themes, to choose from and spark the underrated stylist in every user.

ROM Manager

ROM Manager is for the tech-savy users who want different versions of Android on their smartphones. This app aids in downloading all the required and famous versions which are compatible for the device.

So, replace your tiring net-browsing by Rom Manager to keep upgrading your smartphone.