5 Best Camera Apps for Android

Are you a photography enthusiast looking for the best camera apps for Android then, you’re on the right page. Here are the 5 Best camera apps for Android that will make the best on Smartphone’s camera and flex your photography muscles.

Best camera apps

Best Camera Apps for Android

If you like creating the VR content then, the Cardboard Camera will be useful for you as it is developed by Google for taking VR photos. The Cardboard Camera app is similar to the Google Camera that allows users to capture VR content like high detailed images in full 360-degree glory with or without sound easily.

Generally, it is like a panorama but much more immersive and interactive than a panorama. However, users may need VR headset for a better experience because images will show up as wide panoramas. Cardboard Camera offers a few sample VR photos and gives users the ability to lock exposure when taking a VR photo.

There as tons of photography apps but it is tough to find the find apps for videography. However, OEMs has stacks of the manual controls for photos but besides LG and Samsung have stacks of manual controls for video which is the best built-in video controls for the LG V10 smartphone till date.

Hence the Cinema FV-5 is the similar thing that one can get on their phones as the interface is similar but with optimization for videos. In Cinema FV-5 users can control white balance, focus, metering, ISO levels, exposure compensation, and histogram audio monitoring options but the video resolution is limited to 1080p.

Now in the list, we have VSCO Cam that not only let you take photos but to edit as well and users will get tons of options for editing the photos like filters, sharpness, skin tone, saturation, highlights, shadows, contrast, vignette, grain, and adjustments. Besides, users can get the paid ones from the built-in shop that will help to get a particular effect.

An interface is basic, and if users have an experience shooting on any smartphone then, users can easily take photos on VSCO Cam. Moreover, VSCO features the best photos from all over the world on the homepage and allows users to sync images on their server that can be accessed on any devices. You can also try Faceniff apk and Retrica apk.

If you’re a professional photography enthusiast then, Camera FV 5 is the best for you as it is the most advanced camera apps for Android that offers a set of advanced controls. It comes with the main screen displays several quick toggles along with information and auto-rotate to meet the orientation of the phone.

If you don’t like to mess too much manual control or tweak the image but need a camera that is best for taking pictures then, Google Camera is perfect for you. Google Camera lets you take a nice image that you can share between your friends, family and on social media as well.

It has a simple interface like a modern day camera app and comes along with the setting, quick toggles, timer, HDR toggle, and gridlines. Besides, Google Camera has the photosphere feature that works well for capturing the content in high detail.