Best Firestick Apps Latest 2020

When it comes to entertainment it is about movies so it has become mandatory to have the best movie app and utilize our time. So if you want to see from current movies to the current TV shows, from music streaming to live TV. These apps are going to be super awesome for spending quality of time.


You must have heard about Kodi, this app is absolutely free, it gives you freedom of downloading it on the Amazon Firestick (free). So from music to TV shows it is there for you. It has also movies which you might be looking in HD on your Amazon fire stick.

  • CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV looks- like it is a doppelganger of Terrarium TV.  The features are also the same. So if you are planning to download an app for the movie then this is the right one. You can also sign in with your original debris account to access premium, Full HD streams. So there is freedom of marking your favourite videos.

Netflix is top in the list of best movie apps, in fact, this will let you enjoy music, TV shows.  Almost all the youngsters take membership of NetFlix because it has all the categories of your favourite genre such as horror, comedy, romantic, fantasy.

They even give free subscription for a month and if you subscribe to Netflix on your Amazon Firestick. The best part about this is that you can easily use it in more than one device with the same account. You can also try Bbm apk and Opera vpn.

If you are a movie buff you must have listened about Cinema APK this is one on most popular movie app for movies and also for Tv shows. This app goes in the list of ‘must have app’ for firestick. The highlight of the app is that it keeps itself updated with new releases and offers its member the best.

  • Morph TV

Now- a- days Morph has also embarked on getting popularity because of many reasons upgrades on regular basis is one of them and the media collection is also continue. It means those who are the member of this app they get to see updated shows and movies and it is absolutely free.

  • MediaBox HD

If any app has got popularity in so much short period of time then Mediabox HD is absolutely the one on that list. This app is really a must try app as it will definitely not going to waste time. It has a large collection of movies which contain all the genres so it is interesting and thoughtful.

It will keep you update with new movies and TV shows so that you get to know about streaming shows and movies if you are an avid movies watcher.

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Bee is just like its name, it will keep on buzzing the new movies and shows. So when you send your time on this app you forget that you have sent your 15 hours of the day. As it has large content so all the genres are there to entertain you by the way if your concern is your money then why to waste just enjoy it.

This app might be overlooked but this app is pretty wonderful in terms of watching movies and TV shows. As it is successful in keeping care of its users, so if you become part of it you should not worry about your money and movies because both are free.  There are hundreds of movies which can help you to entertain and utilize your time.

This is one of the very plain apps because it takes only 4 MB size to have this on your device. But even its tiny size it has been successful in providing the enormous contents repository.  It has also movies on a larger basis so if you are willing to spend your quality of time perhaps this can be best.

  • TeaTV

TeaTV has just arrived along with Terrarium means they both arrived at the same time. There was a rumour that TeaTV has earned a great deal of adhesion since the Terrarium has ended. TeaTv is absolutely free of cist with lots of variety as if you are looking for an app for movies then it can be on the list.

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