Best iOS emulator for Windows PC


iOS is one of the best mobile Operating systems ever and but it is available only in Apple iPhones. So have you ever thought of running iOS or iOS apps in your PC or laptop? These days it’s a trend to use an emulator and most PC and laptops are capable of running such emulators smoothly.

iOS Emulator for Windows

If you have an iPhone device in your hand and Windows Desktop or laptop then I can understand your pain while transferring data from iPhone to PC/Laptop. Just to let you know you can also run all the exciting iPhone apps and games too. You don’t even need to care about jailbreak and run in any Windows version pc with any specs.

What is iOS Emulator?

Have you ever used BlueStacks in your Windows PC or laptop or you have used Linux OS in Virtual Box? The iOS emulator works in a similar manner; it is based on virtualization Technology which makes it possible to create a virtual iOS device within your Windows platform and able to run almost all iPhone games and apps whatever you wish to run.

Which one is better iOS Emulator or iOS Simulator?

The emulator is an app which you can install in your windows platform and create the iOS instance within your current rig, but Simulator is something different, it doesn’t come in the form of an app but as an operating system which you can install along with your current Windows OS. Installing another OS is a pain in the neck. Most of the emulators are not correctly coded, and even some are not at all stable. That is why many prefer Emulator over Simulators to run iOS. Well, there are a few disadvantages too like it will use a lot of rams so other apps may lag while working. It also may not be possible to run high-end iOS games on these emulators.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows

We have tested several emulators and here is the list of best iOS emulators.

  • MobiOne Studio

MobiOne studio has been the best iOS emulator for a long time. What makes MobiOne Studio better is it can run most of iOS apps and games smoothly. Right now, this app is officially closed, but still, you will find the old copy to use your iOS apps or games in your windows pc. If you are an iOS swift Developer or a web developer, you can use this app to test your apps and games.

  • iPadian

iPadian is an iOS Emulator for Windows which can run all iOS apps which are made for iPad. It is developed using Abode Air and works pretty smooth still it is not compatible with all the apps and games.

  • SmartFace

SmartFace is one of the most used iOS Emulator which works well as compared to iPadian. SmartFace comes in both free and paid version. The free one will work well and cover most of the app and games but if you are looking for extended support and better functionality. The UI is such similar to iOS, Graphic is all good, and it is the best app if you are into iOS gaming.

  • iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator is not an emulator, but it works well if you want to run games in laptop and Pc. It is a type of extension and requires an installation process. If you don’t have iPad, you should start your iOS Experience with this Simulator application.

  • is one of the best iOS Emulator, but it doesn’t require any installation. It’s utterly a cloud-based application and stability is impressive. All you need to do is, upload the file and a few more time to install.  It comes with seven days trial, and you have to subscribe for a paid plan to continue. It will run entirely on cloud and so your system will stay stable and lag free.


If you think is not working for you, better try which is another cloud-based emulator. It is not a free app, but it provides monthly 100 minutes of free usage. Appetize is best for developers to upload and test apps online without much to the system. It supports both Android and iPhone apps but you won’t able to save your data.



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