10+ Best iTube Alternatives & Similar Apps

iTube is a very popular mobile app that allows to download and play videos and music files from  YouTube . Along with this main feature , iTube app also provides lot of additional functionalities. iTube app is not available in Google play store and apple app store due to some security reasons. Android , iPhone , iOS , PC users can download iTube app apk file from its official website and install on their device. iTube is one of the best entertaining app with some incredible features that are listed below:


Features of iTube app        

  • Using iTube app , users can organize their YouTube videos into playlists so it will become easy to manage and found when needed. And user can rename and modify their playlists.
  • iTube app keeps record of all watched and bookmarked videos, And you can search any video or music by typing keywords in search bar.
  • Although itube app ios is free also iTube app apk file is available for free to download and it has excellent user interface. This makes the app very easy to use.
  • Using iTube app you can play music in background while using whatsapp, facebook or any other app
  • iTube avoids advertisements before playing video, hence no more irritating adds before watching your favourite videos.
  • In iTube app , user can zoom in and zoom out the video by double tapping on it.

However , people may wish to explore alternative apps which works similar to iTube app. Here is a list of best alternatives for iTube app.

Top iTube app alternatives

  1. Pocket Tube : Pocket Tube is similar to iTube app which provides music and video playlist options. User can download their favourite stuffs and can play offline seamlessly. This has simple user interface and hence very easy to use without any complications. This app also allows to play your interested stuff in background similar to iTube app. Android and iOS users can choose this as alternative to iTube app.
  2. MyTube : Mytube can be best alternative to iTube app since it is available officially for Android devices, iOS devices and PC. This feature of MyTube app is amazing and hence it is becoming popular nowadays. User friendly interface of this app allows you to search and download your favourite music or videos quickly. You can watch YouTube videos without data connection and  download video in any format including FLV , mp3 etc. User can play download video using any video player in your device. Users are allowed to manage their YouTube account in this app and can share videos via social medias. All these incredible features of MyTube app makes this as best alternative to iTube app.
  1. SmartTube : SmartTube is very popular app which is most similar to iTube app. This app is very simple and available on Android and iOS devices. This completely free of cost app allows you to enjoy different genres of  videos in high quality format. And you can download your favourite stuff from YouTube to watch later. And one more amazing feature is it allows you to play music or video in the background while doing some other work in your phone. Hence , this can be a best alternative to iTube app.
  2. WorldTube HD : WorldTube HD is a high speed YouTube video downloading app. Using this app , user can download amazing videos and music files quickly. This app allows you to watch high resolution videos in HD , mp4 , 3GP format. Another incredible feature of this app is , you can download multiple video or music files at a time. It offers a user friendly interface and provides 16 filter options in search bar to ease your search. And you can also share videos or music files through social media or email. Android and iOS users can choose this as alternative to iTube app.
  3. VIATube : Using VIATube , people can download their favourite stuffs from YouTube and watch during f their free time without any data connection. This app is best suitable for  iOS users ,since app is available in Apple appstore. And Android users can download apk file of this app and install on their device.
  4. InstaTube : Using InstaTube app people can watch and download videos not only from YouTube , but also from other streaming websites. User can download stuffs from popular websites like Vimeo , Dailymotion and also from instagram! User can download Instagram videos easily by one click! This app is best option for quick download and has very easy to use interface.
  5. ProTube : ProTube app allows to play videos from YouTube without annoying advertisements in the beginning. User can subscribe and subscribe channels in ProTube . And ,provides complete information about video you wish to watch. Due to security reasons , this app is not available apple appstore  and Google playstore . Hence , user need to download and install apk file of this app from its official website. Another interesting thing is , this app is available for free to download in Microsoft windows app store! Hence , windows PC and windows phone users can make use of it!
  6. Music TV : Music TV is a great app which is available in Google play store, Apple appstore and also for PC users. Hence , Android , iOS and PC users can access this app. This app enables you to create your own playlist of music and video files directly from YouTube. And , it allows user to share stuffs via social media and email . It also allows you to play music or video in the background and enables you to customize your player. People can enjoy their favourite music and video offline using this app.
  7. AudioViz : AudioViz works similar to iTube app with incredible features. AudioViz allows you to create your own playlist directly from YouTube. And it enables you to play music in background while doing other works in your device. Using this app you can share your playlists on social media platforms like facebook ,whatsapp , twitter and through chromecast and Apple TV. But , this app is officially designed for iOS users and available in Apple appstore
  8. iMusic : iMusi is also best alternative for iTube app especially for iOS users , since it is officially designed for Apple devices. An amazing feature of this app is , user can control the background music and allowed to make any necessary changes. In this app ,you can create your own playlist in a precise way. Simple user interface of this app makes user very comfortable to use this app. Hence , this can be a best alternative to iTube app for iOS users.


These are the couple of apps which works similar to iTube app. People can try these apps and select any app as alternative for iTube app according to  requirements.