Best 5+ Offline Games to Play without WiFi for 2020

There is no person without mobile hands nowadays. Most of the time they spend only with their mobile phones. During their leisure time they start playing games in their smartphones.

Nowadays there are plenty of games you can play without WiFi option also since even now there are many places where you will not get proper WiFi connection so you can utilize these games for those areas and zones without mobile network or WiFi.


Best Offline Games to Play

There are best Android games available where you don’t need WiFi network to work, where you can play offline. You can enjoy the quality of time by playing this type of games where you do not to worry about connecting to any WiFi network or mobile data charges.

These types of games which are in recommended when you are in travelling particularly when you travel by air you can use this type of games for your entertainment. These games which are provided with most of the features the main features of which do not require internet connectivity, and it is also very interested to play.

Jetpack Joyride

This Jetpack Joyride which is a 2D scrolling game and it is one of the best game. The main purpose of this game is to survive the level as long as you can and you can collect coins during that time by using your power ups. This game is filled with lot of entertainment where you can kill the evil scientists underground the laboratory and this has a unique control and it is very easy to use. You can also try Periscope apk and Speedtest apk.

Angry birds

Most of them are more familiar with Angry Bird game series, this game is more popular where you can play with offline mode. Even from kid to elderly person will love to play this Angry Bird game, a small bird which targets to hit the series of platforms and with the main motto is to demolish the angry birds which are holding in the buildings.

Shortest game you will be having five lives which can be used to take out of the pigs. Initially you should have internet connection for launching this game to download after that you can play the entire game with offline.

Angry Birds 2

Angry birds 2

We’re all most likely comfortable with the Angry Birds game arrangement, initially discharged for iOS in 2009. The game was sufficiently prominent to dispatch a whole arrangement of stock, turn off games, TV shorts, and even an energized highlight film (and an up and coming spin-off in 2019). Peculiarly, regardless of the authorized turn offs and all-out comfort dispatches of the first game, Angry Birds didn’t see an entire spin-off discharged until 2015, with Angry Birds 2 work as an immediate continuation of the first game.

In spite of the fact that the game capacities comparable to the first Angry Birds game from a decade ago, the arrangement has been revived here with new mechanics and improved controls that improve the game feel than at any other time.

Mine Craft Pocket Edition

This Mine craft game is one of the best game in the offline mode. This game is available on an almost all the platforms in the market. It which brings the creativity and helps to create some of the best looking worlds and which is the world building game.

Shadow Fight 2

People who are looking for hard action game can choose this fighting game. It is a wonderful option for the people who are very interested in fighting games. This is one of the stylish game which is built with artistic value in mind and here the characters who are involved.

They are black and white, brilliant, and very different from other characters present in different stages. They will have weapons for fighting. If you start playing this game this will be your most favorite game. It can be used both in iOS and Android platforms.



Platformers have somewhat of a muddled history on iOS and Android gadgets. Early platformers on portable games concentrated on utilizing virtual catches and D-cushions for controls, making a pattern of ineffectively controlled games where the systems for controlling these characters simply didn’t make an interpretation of well to cell phones.

All things considered, platformers in the course of recent years have taken in their exercises the most difficult way possible, rejuvenating the whole sort on cell phones with new control plans and better approaches to make the platformers work.

Barren wilderness is one of those games, initially discharged in 2013 for iOS and Android before, in the long run, advancing toward Windows and home consoles in the years that pursued. The game broadly won Apple’s Game of the Year grant in 2013, and it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why.