7 Best Online PDF Converters

In today’s article, we are going to be talking about the best online pdf converters on the internet. But how about a little background first. Pdf stands for portable file document. Not many of you knew that, did you?

A PDF file is a single file that combines text, images, vector art, fonts, video, audio, 3D models and much more. In the early ’90s PDF was competing against a whole host of file formats including Envoy, Common Ground Digital Paper and even Adobe’s own postscript format. Back in the early days, a PDF looked exactly the same everywhere regardless of which device opened the file.

PDF Converters

The PDF was the first file format that enabled a document to be shared electronically while retaining all of its original formatings. Today this might seemed trivial but readability across many different file formats wasn’t as prevalent as it is now.

7 Best PDF Converter Software for Windows (Free Download

But PDF also owes its success that Adobe planned ahead. Adobe distributed Adobe reader free of charge. By 1999 more than 100 million copies of Adobe Reader had been downloaded from the web, thereby cementing PDf’s position as a universal standard. Other factors also helped secure its position.

It is a device independent file format that is backwards compatible which means that Adobe Reader 4 can open a file created by the latest PDF spec. When compared to some other file formats out there the PDF was remarkably consistent. Take Microsoft for example, first came .doc file then came .docx.

Well, some people didn’t want to upgrade to .docx but they were given no such choice. People wanted a standardized file format and there PDF was ready and willing.

The PDF was meant as an archive file format. Simply put the PDF was meant to be printed and passed around. PDF files are notoriously difficult to edit because well they aren’t meant to be edited. You can use Adobe Reader to edit it of course but many people find it is much easier to convert the pdf into any other file format. Today we have compiled a list of the best online PDF converters out there.

Now some of you might wonder as to why we are creating a list of online converters and not PDF converting softwares. That’s because most of the converters in this list do a dam good job of converting PDF’s into other file formats and they are also free, whereas conversion software’s might give you the base package and require you to pay some sort of fee in order to avail their full services. So here’s a list of the best online PDF converters.

Import the PDF file by choosing files from your computer or google drive or your Dropbox account. The conversion speed is pretty sweet. It also allows for saving your converted files to your Dropbox account. It’s completely secure, an hour after your file conversion is finished it automatically deletes all the files from its servers.

Zamzar allows you to import files from your computer or type in the URL or drag and drop the file. You can convert the files in clusters without compromising on quality. It also informs you via email that your conversion has been completed along with a link to the converted file.

Online PDF Converter not only does it convert PDF files but allows you to refine your preferences as needed. It can convert up to 20 files at a time. You can also protect your file with a password adding an extra layer of security.

  • PDF Converter

PDF Converter allows you to import files from your computer or via an URL. It can convert scanned PDF files to editable formats with the assured high-quality conversion.

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A Free Online Platform to Manage Your PDFs. If you need to convert, split, merge, edit and sign your PDF documents then this service is definitely for you.

  • Convertworld

Convertworld converts PDF files with just one click. It comes with a great interface and is fast and reliable.

is a brand new PDF conversion service that is lightning quick and comes with a secure connection. It also deletes its files after conversion and offers top-notch quality.

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