Best 5 Oreo TV app alternatives

Oreo TV is a popular mode of entertainment for the android device owners who love to see new content added every day. The app has catered to users with its huge number of sports channels and streaming of TV channels and movies. Many users have indicated that sometimes Oreo TV app stays down for a few hours or days and then they miss their mode of entertainment. Thus we are here offering you a few apps which may become successful in satiating the need of movie lovers.

Similar app to Oreo TV APK

Here are best alternative for Oreo TV app.

Note: We recommend buying subscription to Netflix or Prime Video since the quality and streaming experience on these apps are tremendous.

Thop TV APK  

Thop TV apk is a unique entertainment app which offers you both the live streaming of TV channels along with the radio channels. You can enjoy the programs of all over the world through this apk.

How to Download ThopTV App for PC (Windows & Mac)


  • Live TV and radio channels from the worldwide are listed with Red Box TV.
  • There are great varieties of sports channels which will never let you miss the Oreo TV.
  • There are VOD options in thoptv which makes the experience better.
  • There are more than 4000 tv channels in different languages available in this app. Channels of more than 15 countries are listed with this.
  • This is an ad-free apk and it supports external players.
  • Simple user interface and no-lagging during the video streaming makes it one of the most favorite app of the users.

OneBox apk

This is one of the most popular entertainment app in India and across the world. Onebox offers you live streaming of international programs.



  • Onebox allows you to watch the trending videos, TV shows, serials and series, news, comedy shows, horror programs and many more.
  • Live TV shows, dance shows, sports, popular live events and even wallpapers are available on GoMax Live.
  • Regional channels in languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, English, Bangla, Kannada, Islamic are available within this app.
  • This is a free app and you do not have to pay a premium subscription fee for watching programs of so many varieties.

Free Flix

The Free Flix app is there to let you watch all the latest movies and series along with TV channels live on your android device. No need for any subscription or payment, only download the Free Flix app and watch anything you like from the variety of programs.

Freeflix app


  • You can access any audiovisual content within Free Flix app and programs like the paid TV channels like HBO, Netflix or Amazon prime will be available here.
  • The Red Flix app needs minimum operating system, android version of 4 or upper will work compatibly with this app.
  • The huge range of content will be sorted into categories within this app.
  • You can view the catalogue organized under the headings with country names.
  • You can simply download and install the apk file for Red Flix and watch the programs uninterruptedly.

RedBox TV apk

One of the best live TV apps is RedBox TV apk. It will let you watch more than 3000 live tv channels, all in HD quality and on your android phone or PC.

RedBox TV APK Download v1.9 (Fully Unlocked) 2020


  • The RedBox TV works perfectly with android TV, firestick or android phones.
  • This is a free live TV streaming apk. If you have tried and tested quite a few apks, try RedBox TV, it will not disappoint you.
  • This one works with consistent upgrades and you will be able to see new contents quite often uploaded within this app.
  • There is no subscription based plan for the RedBox TV apk.
  • Low streaming delay and ability to show the programs on HD version makes it a favorite choice of many users.
  • The backend developer’s support for this app is great, so you will seldom find any glitches.

CyberFlix apk

Cyberflix apk is a great android app which is a perfect platform for offering you viewing opportunity of more than 100 channels from the worldwide. The entertainment programs are accumulated in one place and it will be run on any device like PC, mobile or smart tv with the help of Cyberflix TV apk.



  • The apk supports more than eight languages so the channels of all these languages are available on it.
  • There are various categories of TV shows and series, from which you can choose the right one.
  • You can make playlist in Cyberflix TV apk and you will save them for watching later.
  • The Cloud TV apk works with multiple servers so if one server fails at a point, the streaming will not be bothered.
  • You will be able to enjoy all the programs, movies and series in HD version in Cyberflix TV apk.
  • The user interface is pretty simple and you can handle it on your own. Also there is no need for registration or signing up to access Cyberflix TV apk.


There are so many wonderful applications available nowadays to let you watch the programs of your choice for free. These apps can replace the TV and cable channels and will flood with you so many offers. Watch anything with just a tap and without paying a single penny.

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