5 Best VR Games for Android (2019)


Virtual reality is similar to the video games that let’s one experience immersive, unique gaming which is not possible via any other medium. And the best thing is that you will be scratching the surface and discovering new ways to educate and entertain.

Virtual reality is in the best place in the world of entrainment, and with the combination of the top-notch VR headsets like Playstation VR, Oculus Rift takes the VR gaming experience to a different level.

As users enjoy a lot of benefits, especially in virtual reality games but the VR headsets are quite expensive because of which most of the users don’t want to try out these games. However, one can choose from the best VR games on mobile as you can get on the internet I am sure that you will definitely find virtual reality games. So let’s look at 5 best VR games for Android.

Best VR Games

5 Best VR Games for Android (2019)

Colosse has an outstanding design, and Samurai Jack-esque animation that is a short-story VR encounters the rooted player’s gaze and moves the narrative forward seamlessly. A player will meet the hunter character that is rendered at 12 frames per second, whereas the rest of the film is in 60, contributing to its unique atmosphere.

Besides, audio and visual cues will direct the player in the gaze whereas some objects wait to activate until you look at them that gives the natural sense of pace. However certain events may occur depending on the direction, so try not to get stuck for a searching piece of the puzzle. Colosse will be the sight to behold, fun that displays the ways VR can change storytelling which is for free.

Google Earth will be the both enjoyable and educational if you happen to like geography that let’s use the quick-nav menu to visit landmark sites such as Sphinx or the Golden Gate Bridge or pay a digital visit to the capital of Djibouti. Landscapes and areas are unexpectedly more than colourful smudges.

Littlstar VR Cinema will change the game as it offers a library of 360-degree videos that make you feel like you’re the cameraman. Littlstar provides a view like educating about the state of Nepal post-earthquake or jams out to some music video where one can’t get anywhere else.

You will figure it out a lot of entertainment like Broadway theatre content, sports content, and content for kids which makes one of the best VR experiences in free. And talking about the user interface it is smoothe. If you are creative then, you can film and upload your own 360-degree content so that others can view and enjoy. You can also try Dragon ball z dokkan battle for android and Golf clash for Android.

As we know that talk shows are extremely low on the list and of course no one wants to step into the shoes of an audience member but no matter what it can be cool though as  Foo Show is a talk show where the Smith speaks with digitized guests about games and tech culture.

I am pretty sure that you might be wondering why it is in VR? So here is it the Foo Show is a creative use of VR that transport viewers directly into the game environments which is discussed onscreen like on the first episode transport viewers into the watchtower from Firewatch where one can examine surroundings, walk around, interact with objects, and enjoying the insightful commentary.

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Penrose Studios is free to play where the player will encounter breathtaking chronicling the story of a young girl in a cloud-borne village in the stop-motion VR film. Player will act as a camera in Allumette and explore the gorgeously drawn world. Allumette is narrative as none of the characters will speak and emotive, Sims-like noises, mostly used in the form of communication that convey emotion and intent perfectly.

The story is base on a poem by Hans Christian Andersen, and without the doubt, Allumette will make feel you into a storybook world. Moreover, the 20-minute runtime is in contrast to most narrative-based VR experiences as the few reach the 10-minute mark. Allumette is like film narrative and video games that gives a player a divine experience.

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5 Best VR Games for Android (2019)
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