Bestgram for PC – Laptop And Desktop – Free Download

Communication via technology is a part of our life style now, as visiting people for different occasions have become limited. So we tend to seek new applications that enable us to communicate without lesser limitations. Whatsapp and Hike are two of the most popular applications that are being used worldwide and these two are quite easy to use. But there are a few limitations which need to be surpassed. A new messaging application has arrived and it will compliment all the other messaging apps of past.

What is Bestgram?

Bestgram, is a communication app and that has been developed by Best of Best apps. This app has the potential to become your messaging app permanently. This app uses the API of Telegram and so there are a few similarities between these two. You can connect to the Telegram servers while using Bestgram and through the same server you can access various other services.

You can use app in PC and desktops, such as Windows 7, 8 or 10 versions.

Features of Bestgram

  • This app is mainly used for messaging. Along with that you can hide your private chat. There is option for disguising some confidential chat from the main web page. The hidden chat option can help you to hide particular chats and not show them on the main page. It will help you to keep your privacy intact even if someone else opens your Bestgram page or accidentally comes across it.
  • You can choose the theme and font of your choice in Bestgram. There are so many options for stylizing and personalizing the Bestgram app on your device. The themes and fonts are there to make your Bestgram experience even better.
  • You can keep different forms of chat on different tabs. There are varieties of symbol which will appear on the larger part of the screen. Bestgram comprises of variety of tabs and you can click on any tab to access the chatting option there. It is a rather important feature due to its practicality.
  • The app allows you to stylize the profile name by adding the designs that are available within Bestgram. The patterns available here are in-built and will help you to make your name look artistic.
  • You can meet different kinds of persons who also have their accounts on Bestgram through their usernames. This ID-finder aspect of Bestgram helps you to meet people who you know via other social apps.
  • There is option for finding the first message of any contact or group. If you do not like to scroll through numbers of messages that were posted earlier, you can click on the first message and immediately get to see that one.


How to download and Install bestgram on the PC

How to download on PC or desktop: Though this app has been invented for using on mobiles, you can still use it on your PC or laptop, though this is not available to be used on Laptop directly.

  • You need an android emulator for that purpose. First you need to download the emulator and when it will be done you can start the process of downloading the software.
  • The apk needs to be searched and downloaded from some source as it is not available on Playstore.
  • Dragging and dropping the apk file on the main screen to run it. Or else you can click on the apk to run it.
  • This is the process of downloading and installing Bestgram on your PC.


If you have Windows PC on your desktop then you can follow the below process:

  • First you need to download the emulator software on your PC which will help you to download Bestgram.
  • Download the apk installer file then.
  • Then open the emulator and at the left hand corner, click on Add APK button. This will eventually load the Bestgram apk with the emulator.
  • The location of apk will be asked and you have to select that. This will automatically install the apk on your desktop.
  • Now you will find the apk running successfully when you will click on it.


  • The interface is really user-friendly and simple.
  • There are different tabs for the running chats.
  • The turbo method of this app makes it deliver better.
  • There are different themes and backgrounds to customize the app for your convenience.


  • Availability is an issue as it is not there in the playstore.


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