BlueStacks Vs Nox Android Emulators – Which Is Better For PC


Android emulator is a necessary part of using various apps. We will start with the reasons due to which we need the various range of emulators.

Most of the modern applications are engineered in a way that they can be used only in the android mobiles. But we often need to see the programmes or play game in a larger screen which only PC can provide us. So to enable that, you need an emulator which will help you to avail the features of an app in your PC.

If you are an app performance tester then you will surely accept that viewing the programming and the operation of an app is doe easier on the PC.

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Emulators: BlueStacks Vs Nox

Gaming is one of the most important reasons behind the popularity of the emulator. We need to see the minute details of the game while playing it on PC and not on the small screen of mobile.

There are quite a few SaaS based cloud apps which are best to be accessed via PC.These are the various reasons for which the emulators have become so important part of today.

There are quite a few emulators which are Bluestack, Nox and MEmu. As the top two are almost equally workable, we must know the differences that these two emulators provide us with.


BlueStacks emulator:

It is known as BlueStacks App Player and it is one of the best emulators available today.


  • This is one of the most famous android emulator because of its quality and reliability.
  • This is really easy to use as the interface is simple to understand.
  • This makes emulation work easy as you would have been doing in any android phone. So you will not hesitate to work with it on your computer.
  • There are free and paid options available, so you can choose wisely keeping the premium features in mind. You will have to bear with the ads on the free version though.
  • This emulator is basically created by keeping the gamers in mind so you will find the fonts of that type.
  • You can get BlueStacks on Google Play store so availability is not an issue.

Nox android emulator:

Nox is another free android emulator which helps you to sideload apps and it will work outside Google Play.


  • The Nox emulator looks stylish and sleek; you will like the smart look and interface of it.
  • The emulator allows you to work with the gamepad and also you will be able to use the mapping keys as well as buttons like you do when you are using the app on android devices.
  • This is a free emulator and does not contain any premium features for paid registration.
  • You can install other apps from Google play store after Nox is downloaded on your PC.
  • The accessible vertical toolbar is also a great option of this app. The screenshot and video recording or macro-record can be done through these tools.

Comparisons between BlueStacks and Nox:

  • BlueStack 3 performs better than Nox when it comes to compatibility mode and speed mode. If you try to run Multidrive on Nox, it performs rather slowly.
  • The speed mode of Nox is worse than the regular mode. BlueStack works great in regular free and paid version without any glitch.
  • BlueStack was created particularly for gaming purpose so the look and options are based on that feature. Nox is for everyone and the features are good for all, though it offers gamepad compatibility as well.
  • There is macro-recording and video recording tool in Nox which is absent in BlueStacks.


BlueStacks android emulator is better for PC and you will be more at ease if you wish to play games with the help of android emulator. Nox is good if you have less memory and RAM on your PC.