ChocoEUkor : What is chocoeukor app & How to remove it?

The chocoEUkor app is the preinstalled apps that mostly comes in Samsung and Mi smartphones. You may have seen these apps on your smartphone named ChocoEUkor, coolEUkor, or roseEUkor. 

These apps called Bloatware apps or software been installed on your smartphones even during assembling time. 

If They are harmful to Smartphones? No, they would be, if so why mobile manufacturer companies put them into their smartphones. They are not any kind of viruses, malware, etc. They are simply the apps doing particular work. 


About ChocoEUkor

For chocoEUkor, this is an app containing different kinds of fonts. This is to write text in the Korean Language.

Many people think they like a harmful virus or malware and make these apps associated with ransomware, but no they are not so.

Why Mobile Companies Preinstalled on Their Smartphones? 

All mobile or smartphone manufacturer companies like Samsung, Mi, or any other companies have contracted with other software development companies to promote their software and apps through their smartphones. 

These ChocoEUkor series apps are part of the smartphone business and nothing else. These are partners of smartphone companies or maybe promoting applications and some kind of Sponsored apps.

Disadvantages of Having Bloatware Apps – 

Well, it is clear that bloatware apps like ChocoEUkor are not the virus or malware types of apps but, they have some advantages that many users don’t want them into their smartphones anymore. 

First disadvantage is that these bloatware apps keep running in the background while you were using your phone. By so these apps use spaces of RAM memory of your phone and cause to slow down the speed of the phone. you can’t uninstall them if you do so your smartphone going to be misbehaving. 

The second disadvantage of these apps that they consume unusually battery power. 

Are these apps Unremovable? – 

No, you can remove or uninstall them permanently by following a certain process. 

These apps are built and stored in the internal memory of any phone and if you were supposed to uninstall them simply then it could remove other important files that could make your phone start misbehaving. Sometime you could lose your mobile software. 

How to Remove ChocoEUkor app?

If you want to remove ChocoEUkor kind of Bloatware apps then you will need to root your phone. It the Rooting process you get more control on your android device. 

  • In the Rooting process, you remove some inbuilt apps files from the internal memory of the phone to make them uninstalled permanently.
  • There is no risk removing these apps by rooting your device but the root process is a little complex and could die your phone. It is suggested that root your device before ending of the warranty period.
  • Second option to get rid out of this bloatware that you can disable these apps. They remain in the internal memory but you can stop them to run as the background apps. 
  • To make disable these apps you will need to go to the settings of your device and then find the Apps Settings or App Manager. Now find the Show System Apps option, you can even search for them.

Now select apps which you want to disable. Now click on the app you will find the option Uninstall or Disable option there.