Best Google Chrome Download Manager Extension


The Chrono download manager is the first and full featured download manager for Google Chrome. This is going to help with downloading management is done inside a browser tab instead of by installing a separate download managing application. Chrono is tightly integrated with Chrome by context menus, toolbar buttons and key shortcuts.

Chrono Download Manager


Apart from the downloading management, Chrono is considered as the best with video download helper and bulk image downloader. The Chrono sniffer detects all links, images, audio and video on a webpage and you can filter the URLs by their file types or by regular expression.


This features with

  • The one is totally overridden with the Chrome’s default download manager. And you can get rid of the downloads shelf.
  • Use the table to organize the downloads compactly as well as efficiently.
  • Just take a click to browse and manage the download from a popup lists at any time.
  • Queue / pause/ resume/ restart/ search/recycle your downloads.
  • Desktop notifications and sound notifications for download completions/interruption.
  • Enter multiple URLs at the same time and down the mall with one click.

Apart from the above features, there are some more features which are considered advanced. Let’s have a look into it

  • Serves with highly customizable task filters to let the group download by type, date, URL etc.
  • The batch descriptors are going to help with downloading a range of URLs with the pattern painlessly.
  • Naming the mask determines with a file name for the download automatically by the URL hostname, subdirectories, referrer, date and time and many more.
  • The rule system uses with programmable rules to set naming masks automatically for different downloads and even to route your files to different folders.

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Chrome Online Download Manager

It’s the chrome online download manager which is considered as a powerful and fast tool to load the files. This product is unique to permit with control, access and manage with all the current downloading right in the browser. This ODM represents something new in the user’s experience. The best part is there is no more need for complicated actions. To checking status, live managing of the downloads which is available directly from the downloader pop-up.  This product is absolutely free of cost. And is part of the features which is prepared for online download manager users; with high quality and pretty designed interface, we spent a lot of time to make a most user-friendly interface. The one permits with fast access to the folder with completely downloaded items with fast open of required files. The extension indeed is extremely fast and for individual control during the upload; start/ continue/ cancel/ retry. Then it can also be filtered by status; deleted/ cancelled/ errors/ paused/ in progress. You are also going to have the live search option within the download list and that would be probably the widest list of setting to customize the extension.

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