Clone Hero APK not working fix

A nice app for the music creators, this is what the Clone hero apk has to offer you. This is a clone of the predecessor app Guitar Hero. You can use this app on your PC and begin to create music which will make you feel like the great composers. The app comes with a Mac version so the Mac users now can use Clone hero apk.  You do not need MIDIFix to run this Clone hero apk.  The lyrics also are displayed in game.

How to solve issues with Clone hero apk:

There are lots of problems as mentioned by the users of Clone hero apk. The previous version of this apk was not a very smooth player and that is why the developers have launched the recent vO.23.2.2 version of this apk.

Most of the problems will be sorted if you download this version of Clone hero apk.

Let us go through the list of issues that are fixed with this updated version:

  • The missing lead guitar part of Midi Files is fixed.
  • NotoSans CJK fonts are all present with the missing characters.
  • The gaining SP of holding whammy is also fixed.
  • The typos and display issues with credits are available now.
  • The setlist display with 7 stars along with the loading bug is fixed and is available with this version.
  • You can enable the aprilfools prank with BOOBYYO cheat.
  • The visual flash can be seen with screenshot.
  • The album area not used to take up the full space into the song info box, but now it is fixed.
  • The lag spike with personal notification is availed.
  • The whammy render bug is also fixed as well as stick whammy on the gamepad mode.

So you can see that most of the issues are fixed with the new, updated version of Clone hero apk. If you have already updated this version and still find some issues with its running, then we can suggest a few more options:

  • Check the network, and make sure you are using a high bandwidth internet connection while updating the Clone hero apk. Unless there can be issues like the installation or download will not be completed and you may find the apk running with much difficulties.
  • Also check if the cache is cleared before installing the new update. If there is too much cache stored on your device, the apk may not work as expected.
  • Last but not the least, check the storage and make sure there are enough storage left on your device, so the apk runs successfully.