6 Best Discord Voice Changer for Android

Is it true that you are searching for the Android application to have a ton of fun by trolling on the web by making an alternate sound like humorist and Satan? Simply consider the web-based amusements like PUBG, LOL, and Minecraft you will be able to troll on the web. On the off chance that that is in this way, in this article, you will locate the Best Discord Voice Changer Android. Presently multi day’s great voice changers for Android are rare yet the Smartphone is a perfect vessel for making and putting away any kind of sound.

Discord Voice Changer for Android

Changer for discord is totally free voice chat software which is accessible in the web. You can change your voice by using the discord and the AV Voice software in real-time. What’s more, one of the cool things is that you can change your voice while playing amusements online too. It is often referred by Discord Chat software mostly used for gaming there are two forms one will be for PC and another one is of the internet. But the voice changer for discord is totally free to use with huge amounts of phenomenal features. Here is some application list that may you have been searching for.


Snapchat is the most prevalent voice changer application at this point and it is fundamentally for the image messaging service. However, it has a cluster of filters it offers you to change the appearance, voice, and environment as well. You can even feature Snapchat memories which enable you to store photographs and you will never lose these photographs. Yet, it might deplete the massive battery yet it is free for downloading and to use, there will be ads as well.


Voicemod is the utmost voice changing app for Android device it will change your voice into the amazing voice for entertainment purposes. Make a twist in your voice by sliding your finger across the touchscreen. Furthermore, audio can be saved and even share in social networking sides or email.

Best voice changer

Best Voice Changer is a totally free Android voice changer application. It has the various filters through which you can be able to filter your voice or record any audio as well. There are a lot of voice effects such as Robot, Monster, Diving, Helium, Kid, The Smurfs, Chorus, Alien, Bathroom, Bee, Squirrel, God of Death and many more. For more fun, you can select any existing audio make a magic conversion too.

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Voice Changer by Androbaby

Voice changer by Androbaby

Voice Changer by Androbaby you can download on Google Plays it is the well-known voice changer apps. It is not a brand new app but it keeps on updating which is relevant for today’s Smartphone. The app uses the fmod and works smoothly there are almost two dozen effects like Chipmunk, Helium, and others. It has amazingly unique fun effects which let you reverse what you say and gives you the old-school voice.

Voice Changer by AndroidRock

Voice changer by Android rock

VoiceChanger by AndroidRock is free to voice changer app which you can download in Google Play Store. Like the other apps even it supports dozens of the effects like a bee, old man, Martian, fan, hoarse, drunk, underwater, and many more. This application lets you apply the filters of audio files which you have recorded before as well. It is absolutely free and there are some ads which pop in between.

Voice Changer by e3games

Voice changer by e3games

Voice Changer bye3games is considered as a colourful app like voice changer app it uses the fmod voice changer engine. And it has similar effects. In reality, there is no difference between them. In case this voice changer by e3games doesn’t work then you can choose this voice changer by Androbaby and this is in yellow colour so you may like it. Furthermore, Voice Changer by e3games works pretty well but it is imitative of the work of another artist.


this article is totally on Best discord voice changer android hope you will enjoy these list best voice changer apps for Android which I have mentioned so have fun by changing voice like humorist and Satan I believe you will find this article useful. If you have any queries regarding this article then please feel free to ask in the comment section below. And if you like this article then please share. Thank you!