How to Download and Install CyanogenMod on Android

In this article, you’ll see how to get rid of an undesirable app on your Android device. It is very hard to remove these apps as it requires skills. But now there is no need for such skills to remove unwanted apps. Since CyanogenMod is the way through which you can get rid of all this. The following process will guide you to download and install in your Android device.

Why the Cyanogenmod?

At whatever point you use any apps in your Android device this Cyanogenmod will be secure to use messages or making any buys. And furthermore, it is an adaptable and open source, easy to use.

How to Download and Install CyanogenMod on your Android device?

Below are the simple steps to install CyanogenMod in your Android device.

  • Go to the Settings app on your device and there you’ll see the Security option. Select Unknown Sources option. If you see that Unknown Sources checked before, then skip this step. If not then click on the checkbox and then OK on the confirmation.
  • After this steps go to this site When you go there it starts to download on its own.
  • Now click on the downloaded apk and install it on your Android device. When it is done then click on to it then open it and run the app.
  • Open the CyanogenMod app now. Then you need to follow the instructions which will be on your Android phone to continue the installation process.
  • The rest is up to you! Follow the instruction which will be in the app and you’ll be running CyanogenMod before. It will take quite long so be patient, till the installation process is completed.

At this point you enjoy CyanogenMod you will find the difference on your device.  The app which you want will remain and another useless app will be deleted from the device.