Download and Install Pokémon Go Apk

Pokémon Go is free to play a game. It a location-based augmented reality game that is developed by the Niantic for all Android devices and IOS. The Pokémon Company was released in the selected countries initially in July 2016. The game utilizes the mobile device of the user to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures that are called Pokémon. They appear on the screen of the user and it looks like they are at the same real-world location as the player.

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go Apk is very favorite and popular among the people. All Pokémon players all over the world download this Game and keep on hunting the Pokémon monsters. Pokémon Go Apk is available in all the online markets around the world including the countries like U.S.A, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany New Zealand, India, and Japan.

There are many ways to play the Pokémon Go and can be downloaded for both Android and IOS devices.


How to Download Pokémon Go for the Android

Download the Pokémon Go on Android Device just follows the given steps.

  • Go to Settings of your Phone
  • Tap on the Security
  • Go to the Unknown Sources
  • Tap and allow for the installation of the apps from the Unknown Sources. This will allow installing the Pokémon Go in your device
  • Download the Pokémon Go from any of the Online Store or you can transfer it from any of the people who already have it.
  • Go on the download folder on the device and click on install option and follow the instruction as per given.

Download and install the Pokémon Go iPhones.

All the users those who have iPhone or any of the other IOS device, then the complete process of getting the Pokémon Go is different. Pokémon Go is available on the App Store but if the Pokémon Go is not available in your country then follow the given instructions to download and install it on the phone.

Log out from the Apple ID

The very first thing you have to download is to Log out from the Apple ID and all you need is just make your phone believe that you are in the region that can download the Pokémon Game. Just go to the SE settings of the phone and tap on the Apple ID and select to sign out of it

Just go back to the Settings and select the General > Language & Region. Set the region as US, New Zealand or Australia. As all of these Regions have the Pokémon Go. Now open the App store and search for the Pokemon Go and it will appear over there. Now you can easily download and install the Pokemon Go on your iPhones and IPad.

These are the steps by using which Pokemon Go can be easily downloaded from App store and be installed on Android devices and iPhones. Just follow all the given steps carefully and enjoy it.