Download Auto Chess Mobile Game on PC Windows/Ma

Auto Chess is an online strategy game developed by Dridh supported by Dragonest Co.Ltd. This is a newly come Multiplayer gaming app that provides highly competitive gaming experience.

In this game, the player can build their team with limited available resources. The consists of 8 players it’s mean you will have to fight against 7 opponents to win the game.

As we said this is a highly competitive game where you will have to use your real-time decision-making power to win the battle.

Many global tournaments are being held. You would have a chance to play against the world’s top players.

Features of Auto chess Mobile –

  • Players can collect and change the hero card to be in different formations.
  • Players will have a fair play experience as they would have the part of world e-sports games developed by Dragonest co.Ltd, Dedo, and ImbaTV.
  • 8 challengers game. Millions of players there to give the challenge.
  • Players get their heroes randomly but they can make strategy by their own
  • Auto Chess has a global server. You can play sitting in any part of the world.
  • Players could earn prices
  • Great graphics and animated characters experience.

Play Auto Chess on PC Windows 7/8/10 Mac OS

If you have Windows PC on your desktop then you can follow the below process:

  • First you need to download the emulator software on your PC which will help you to download Auto Chess.
  • Download the  emulator installer file .
  • Then open the emulator and at the left hand corner, click on Add  Auto Chess APK button. This will eventually load the Auto Chess apk with the emulator.
  • The location of apk will be asked and you have to select that. This will automatically install the apk on your desktop.
  • Now you will find the Auto Chess apk running successfully when you will click on it.