Download Cheat Engine APK for Android (No Root) 

The Cheat Engine apk permits with the freedom to perform a lot of things. These generally relate to games that you would normally have no control over. There are some of the Android games that can be hard to crack but no matter how much of skills or time you invest. There are indeed some applications which are provided with cheat codes generating a lot of your favourite games and what matters is how you have to pick of one when you are going to look forward to it in any search engine.

Cheat engine

What is Cheat Engine APK

This Cheat Engine Apk is going to save a lot of time with surpassing the normal cheat codes and provides with gamers everywhere with a much efficient way of hacking into games and taking the ultimate prize which every gamer gets when they conquer particular games that they invest a lot of their time with.

Features of Cheat Engine

The best of features of the Cheat Engine APK is like

  • This is going to help connect to local or remote processes.
  • Help with value types for scanning.
  • The scan types are like exact value, bigger than, smaller than and between or unknown.
  • Faster scan
  • Choose the process or application from a drop-down list and many more.

The cheat engine for Android is considered to be the best android application for the rooted devices. This is going to enable with hacking games and technically this works for non-rooted devices. Still, as the game is locking the files it needs root access to modify them.

Download Cheat Engine Apk for Android

  • To download the latest version of the cheat engine Apk v6.7 from the site and then open the apk file and tap on install.
  • Next wait for some seconds and the cheat engine apk will be installed.
  • Launch and open the cheat engine.
  • Open one of the games and then find the game process in the cheat engine list.
  • Open the process simply.
  • Search the value.
  • Get yourself something till the value of the thing is decreased to less than the price.
  • Then in the cheat engine, you will see the value get lower than the normal one.
  • Add the address of the value to the list 4 in list tab.
  • Check the list to see if it’s active, then change the value and in your game, the value of the stuff will get doubled.


  • This is going to manipulate the values in the video games and comes along with some extra tool which takes care of debugging the software and games.
  • Every single game includes certain parameters which change and can be applied and this could be the number of lives or that of money used in the game with the cheat engine you can make a proper change whenever you need it.
  • This performs at its best with a single player game when you are the one to control most of the working in the game.

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