How to Download Google Pay [Tez] APK for Jio phone

Google pay is an app or a digital wallet platform and online payment system that is developed by none other than the very famous brand google. The motive behind this app is that to make online payments easy and encourage people more towards that just by few taps.

It directly connects your bank account to your app and you can do any sort of payments like recharge your phones, electricity bills, cylinder booking, online shopping payments and any other bill payments all can be done under one app. Also you can transfer money from one bank account to another without the need to go to the bank. It is so easy to use and your payment is processed is few seconds.

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How to Download Google Pay [Tez] APK for Jio phone

The popularity of this app is growing day by day due to its easy and user friendly interface that can make money easy to handle and spend and all the work is done is just few seconds. We will discuss in this article how to download google pay app on your jio phone and steps to do that are as follows:-

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  • Firstly you have to download the google pay app on your jio phone from the google play store.
  • Then you have to create your account on google pay app.
  • Now link your bank account to your google pay app and set a strong PIN or password for the account for security reasons.
  • Then after this you want to do any payments say recharge for your jio phone, go to MyJio app and select the plan according to your need.
  • Now for making payment select the google pay option in UPI and do the payment.
  • You can use google pay for any sort of payments and bank transfers just by few taps.
  • Also you can get cashbacks or rewards on this app when you do your payments.

The above mentioned steps are very easy to follow and you can easily download the google pay app on your jio phone and enjoy the free services of google pay app. this app is free to download and easy to use.

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Also if you want to send money to someone through google pay it is not necessary you should know their bank account details you can just send it through their google pay linked mobile number and the money will directly go to their bank account. It is a must to have this app for the easy payment purposes.