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Smartphones are not anymore used for communication purpose, though that remains one of the prior usages of it. But this device is now a playstation too, which offers entertainment and let us pass our time with ease. You can pass your time by shopping or listening to music or playing some latest trendy game on your mobile.

The app Hago has been invented in China and it meant “have a good one”.  This app was hidden from the open market but now it has become so popular that it is not possible to keep it a secret.  There are two language options in this app which are Hindi and English. This one has reached the people of Indonesia and India successfully.

Within three months of its arrival it has crossed 12 million downloads and became sixth most downloaded app.

About Hago App



  • This app is created to provide fun and also being useful to its users. It will allow you to play many mini-games with your friends or solo. If you do not have many contacts with whom you can play it, you will get connected with strangers who are playing this at that time.
  • There are so many variations of games that surely you will like one or the other game. There are more than 80 games available for you to choose from in this app. to play games on Hago you do not have to be an expert as there are plenty of simple games for the novices. Werewolf is one such game that you can start playing. The game needs seven players to play and if you do not have anyone to play with, the app will introduce some other Hago users to you who will be playing with you.
  • The app lets you discover through its various enjoyments step by step. You will start with a simple game, and then some stranger or a friend of yours invites you to play some other game. Next you will get suggestions of different games based on the choice of yours. If you start playing a new game at the chat room, later your splash screen will take you to some new game pages.
  • You can host voice parties through this app and chat with the players while playing any game. There are chat rooms in this app where you can do regular chat as well as voice chat. There are some great chat groups which will help you to become friends soon.
  • If you play games with strangers you automatically become friends or else you can send friend request to your chosen ones to be friend with them.
  • You can earn the rewards while playing the games, which will add extra more energy and competition to the game.
  • Earning coins in Hago app is a fantastic aspect. It happens so when you invite a friend on the game of for downloading the app you will earn coins. This will motivate you to fetch all your friends to use this app and play games with you.
  • This can be called a social app. you can chat within it and make new friends through it. Having fun with strangers is also a part of this app so you can rightfully call Hago a social app.

How to download Hago app on PC?

You can download this app on your mobile as well as on the PC. However, the version available is for the android mobile phones. So what you need to do is downloading an android emulator, if you want to use this app on your PC.

  • There are so many android emulators available on market. You can choose your pick. So begin with downloading the emulator for your PC.
  • Now you will open the app on your PC and will be referred to sign in Google play.
  • After the signing in, you will search for the Hago app in the search tab. When found you can click on install button.
  • If you want to download the app for your Mac device, then search for the link that offers the downloadable version for Mac. The rest procedure is simple and just the like the regular one.


This is a safe app and you can play freely without worrying about the legality or safety. You can easily play the games on Hago on your PC or Mac. It gives you the chance to earn real money.  When you login to Hago, you get to earn 500 coins.  Also you can earn 100 coins when you let someone enter the game. The coins can later be converted to cash.

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