How to Easily Download Audio and Music from Tumblr?

Tumblr is a New York-based internet platform, part microblog, part social network. Its user base consists of teenagers, fandoms, fashionistas and photographers. Gifs are particularly ubiquitous in Tumblr. The audience on this platform (although younger), is excited to be there. They’re excited by the content, some of which they create themselves, and some of which they curate.


They’re re blogging, sharing, and keeping it within this channel.  It’s a place where people get creative, show a unique side, and get extremely visual. Also the content doesn’t disappear within seconds as it does on Twitter. Similar to Instagram, but more so, you can re-blog a post months later.

Download Music from Tumblr

A piece of content can live on for days, weeks, months, or even the following year. It’s a platform where content doesn’t go stale, if it’s still cool and relevant. It doesn’t matter if it was from a month ago or an hour ago, the audience can find new things that they wouldn’t necessarily find elsewhere.

Using Chrome or Firefox

Downloading audio from Tumblr is a quite easy if we make use of the Developer Options built into modern browsers. If you’re using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your PC, just follow the steps below to download the required audio from Tumblr and play it offline whenever you want.

  • Step 1. To download audio from Tumblr, first, open the required Tumblr post. Then, right-click on a blank part of the page and select Inspect/Inspect Element, or you can directly press F12 to open the inspect interface.
  • Step 2. The next step in downloading the Tumblr audio is to first click on the Network option on the menu bar and select the Media tab. Then, press F5 to refresh the page. Next, press the play button to play the music. The download link will now be displayed in the Media tab.
  • Step 3. Right click on the download link, select Open in new tab option, a Tumblr music player will now open. Now all you have to do is click on the download button or just right click on the music player to begin downloading Tumblr audio. You can also try Wifikill pro and Csr racing 2.

Using Browser Extension/Add-on

Aside from using the built-in developer tool of Chrome or Firefox, you can go for some browser extensions to meet your Tumblr music download needs. Here, we introduce to you one browser add-on which is a viable alternative TumTaster: Audio Downloader Prime. With this Tumblr audio downloader, y Tumblr audio downloading becomes quite easy.

  • To download audio from Tumblr, you need to install Audio Downloader Prime to Chrome or Firefox. Here is how to go about doing that
  • First, go to the Firefox Add-ons site and select the extension that you would like to install.
  • Click on the Add to Firefox button and the Software Installation window will appear after the add-on has been downloaded.
  • After a brief countdown (takes about 2 seconds), the Install Now button will be active.
    Click on Install Now.
  • Some add-ons (restartless ones), do not require restarting Firefox after installation.
    For those, a small popup may appear notifying you that the add-on has been installed successfully.
  • For other add-ons, when the installation has completed, select Restart Now.
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How to install an extension in Chrome?

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Find and select the extension you want.
  3. Click Add to Chrome.
  4. Some extensions will let you know if they need certain permissions or data. To approve, click on Add extension.

After the installation, restart your browser and open the required Tumblr music post. Then, you can play the music, and Audio Downloader Prime will automatically detect and remind you of the music which is available for download. After that, just click the Audio Downloader Prime icon at the top-right corner. On the pull-down menu, click the download button to download Tumblr audio.