Peggo App For iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod) Download Free

Peggo TV application enables you to download the YouTube videos in both video and audio format. All is you require is your video URL and you consistently convert the youtube video to the ideal format and watch it in a hurry.


There are numerous video streaming locales on the internet and the best and a generally utilized stage is Youtube. All the music playlists are accessible on Youtube and you can watch it on the web. However, shouldn’t something be said about sparing it for disconnected and listening just music from YouTube?

Peggo App For iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod) Download Free

Youtube doesn’t permit you to download the videos as MP3 thus we have to locate a superior answer for tackling this issue. Furthermore, the best application for this is Peggo App.

Peggo is lightweight and advertisement free video downloader available. Peggo enables clients to change over the video to MP3 with wanted quality. You can look over the running quality from 144p to 1080p dependent on the requirements. Not just audio you can likewise spare the video in the HD format. Peggo has a really decent element of downloading or recording the audio specifically segment of the video. Thus it makes the procedure so straightforward when you require the main little bit of a video and you don’t need to squander your time and information for downloading the whole video.

Peggo is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that records MP3s and MP4s of your most loved YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks. Peggo’s pressed with incredible highlights like volume standardization, undesirable quietness evacuation, metadata revelation, coordinated inquiry, subtrack balances, and craftsman and title labels. You can peruse progressively about Peggo’s numerous extraordinary highlights here.

What makes Peggo extraordinary?

Here are a couple of things that assistance makes Peggo extraordinary.

  • Top notch MP3s- Of course, MP3s are recorded at the most elevated quality accessible. See here for more information on account quality.
  • Record videos, as well- Record your most loved videos as MP4s, from portable agreeable 144p to full HD 1080p.
  • Quiet expulsion- Quiet toward the start and end of videos is consequently evacuated so you get a delightful MP3 with simply the well done. You can peruse increasingly about Peggo’s quietness expulsion here.
  • Volume standardization- Each account’s volume is standardized to the equivalent, an agreeable dimension so you never need to go after the volume dial between MP3s again. You can peruse increasingly about Peggo’s volume standardization here.
  • Metadata revelation- Peggo finds and fills in the right MP3 metadata, similar to the collection, collection craftsmanship, and discharge date, if accessible.
  • Subtrack bolster- Record only the segment of the video you need, as from 0:10 to 1:45.
  • ID3 labels- Determine the title and craftsman labels. Undesired words like ‘HD’, ‘1080p’, and ‘versus’ are naturally expelled.
  • No disagreeable notices- No full-screen, spring up or fly under ads Ever.
  • Ongoing account- No pause – downloads begin promptly.
  • Incorporated pursuit- Rapidly discover videos of intrigue, appropriate from Peggo.
  • Bookmarklet- Load your most loved videos in Peggo with a single tick, straightforwardly from YouTube or SoundCloud. You can peruse increasingly about Peggo’s bookmarklet here.

Download Peggo Apk

Peggo apk is not available in Google Play Store which doesn’t mean the end of the world. If you want the official application, then you can download the application from its official site and start downloading videos and music from YouTube.

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