Download StopAd APK for Android

StopAd is an ad blocker app for Android users. This is one of the most effective this kind of app which could work with all browser and apps. 

StopAd app is a very easy to use app take less memory to be in your smartphone, could work with mobile data and wifi internet and it doesn’t require the root access.

This app uses a unique database rule to block ads which is a better process than other ads blocking apps. This prevents popup ads, banner ads, in-app ads, audio, and video ads start automatically. 


StopAd pro works on the common interest that everyone uses their smartphones professionally and personally so chances of being tracked and watched or scammed are always there. StopAd app safe you for being frustrated from the ads comes to your screen while doing important work on your smartphone.

Features of StopAd pro – 

  • StopAd provides privacy protection by deactivating online tracker for browsers and advertisers so they can’t access your data.
  • Speed-up the browsing speed.
  • With its apk mod version, you can have a lifetime unblock license.
  • Works on well-known browsers like chrome, firefox, opera.
  • You can access the statics on how much ads have been blocked through the stopAd app.
  • You can save your data, battery, and space on your smartphone.

How to Download and Install StopAd Pro apk

The apk app provides you to unblock and access some premium features from the app. 

You can search and find the apk file for the stopAd pro app from any trusted source.

After downloading the file just click on it to download. After downloading complete you would have ad-free mobile experience forever.