Download TerraGenesis Game for PC (Windows & Mac)

TerraGenesis Game is a planet simulator game where users get the terraform to any of the planet from our solar system. Now, the task is you will have to make given planet ready for human to live like earth.

This is very interesting and learning app where you will found data from the NASA about solar system and for all the planet, you need to use those data or information, money, colonies and other resources to make the planet like earth.

This is the gaming app for Android devices but with the use of an Android emulator you can use this game on your PCs ( windows, Mac ) too. The installation and downloading process is very easy for the pc.

Download TerraGenesis Game for PC (Windows & Mac)


  • Game is works on Outpost and mines. You will have to buy outposts and you will get credits from the Mines. So use most of the mines and minerals. You will have chance to unblock minerals and need to dig mines in the right place.
  • The game has four culture category to earn point.
  • You can leave the game but the process of making planet will be continue.
  • You can use real data and science of NASA and, can explore your knowledge
  • You can build planet by the using of four available interstellar factions.
  • You would have chance  discover new planet, stars and moons. Learn astronaut and solar system.
  • Experience adventure by facing and encounter with aliens.

Installing TerraGenesis Game on Windows 7, 8, 10


  • You would need to download and install bluestack android emulator on your PC or Mac.
  • By double clicking on the downloaded file of TerraGenesis you will be able to install the Bluestack emulator on your device.
  • Now you can open the emulator. The top search button of the emulator is the place where you can search for TerraGenesis.
  • Download the TerraGenesis app from the app store. You need to put the google account details here as you will be downloading it from Google playstore.
  • Install it on clicking on right option.
  • Within the emulator you will find My Apps button in the top menu. From here you will select the option for Use TerraGenesis.