Dragon Raja Game For PC Download Latest Version


The mobile game Dragon Raja is important and unique in many ways. This game revolves around the battle between the human and dragons. The game starts when the ancient dragons are resurrected and try to rule the world. Human with their modern technology fights with them and try to defeat them.

Features of Dragon Raja And How To Play It?


  • In this game Dragon Raja the humans risk their lives and convert to the hybrid of dragon and human. This way they are able to mix the power of dragon and the technology of human.
  • You can be a character in the game and fight with the dragons. There are so many characters in the game to choose from, so you can easily choose one of your choices.
  • The game Dragon Raja is quite rich in features, whatever character you are in, you can check varieties of dresses and make up.
  • Great graphics of the game takes to you an imaginative world where you can play the game and feel like it actually exists.
  • There is auto-battle feature that lets you play Dragon Raja within a short period. In it you can complete all the chores.
  • There are night and day modes in this game. The setting of light gets adjusted accordingly and soothes your eyes while playing. Playing video game means looking at the screen for too long and so you should use the right mode to give your eyes some relief.
  • The game needs high end devices. You can play it on android devices or on your PC or Mac. As it is a game ready for the android devices, you should use an emulator to download the game on the PC.
  • Try to get an emulator which offers keyboard mapping, multi-player and operation recorder systems.

How to download Dragon Raja for PC

If you have Windows PC on your desktop then you can follow the below process:

  • First you need to download the emulator software on your PC which will help you to download dragon raja.
  • Download the dragon raja apk installer file then.


  • Then open the emulator and at the left hand corner, click on Add APK button. This will eventually load the dragon raja apk with the emulator.
  • The location of dragon rajaapk will be asked and you have to select that. This will automatically install the dragon raja apk on your desktop.
  • Now you will find the apk running successfully when you will click on it.