Dragon Seekers mod APK not working? How to FIX

Dragon seekers is a quest game available in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This quest is repeatable and radiant within the companion’s questline. To complete the quest the dragon born must kill the dragon and win the quest. As the quest will be beneficial for wannabe crafters of the dragon scale or dragon plate armour, as the resources are dropped by these dragons are in abundance and this quest can be completed multiple times successively in a row.

This is an amazing quest for those who love adventures and for those who love the fantasy world.

Dragon Seekers

But sometimes issues comes and the app stops working or the game has some issues while playing. Then for fixing the app or other issues you can follow the steps given below:-

Steps to follow to fix Dragon seeker mod apk not working?

  •  Firstly you have to go to the Ysgramor’s tomb.
  • Then after that you have to go for finding the flame of the Harbinger.
  • Now you can move Vilkas to your location using the console command.
  • Then you have to type “prid 0001A695” and then type “moveto player”.
  • If once the Vilkas has been teleported to your location then you can talk to him again and he will give you the purity quest once again.
  • After you have killed the Vilka’s wolf Spirit then you have to open your console command and type “setstage cr13 100” to finish the quest.
  • After this the quest will be finished and the app will start working or will stop lagging.
  • The app will be working properly when you will start the quest again and again.

The above mentioned steps will help you to fix the bug in the app and will also help you to overcome the stopping or lagging issues the steps are bit complicated but once followed will help you to play the quest properly.

Dragon Seekers mod APK not working

If the app is not opening properly than you can use the following steps:-

  • Try to install the app again.
  • As sometimes the configuration of unknown sources are not done properly.
  • Then after installing the app again try opening it, if it runs smoothly then its fine otherwise use the steps that are mentioned above for proper working of the quest.
  • But do remember if you are installing the app again then delete the app and then re install it and also delete all the related files as it will cause problem if not deleted properly after reinstalling.

Now all the above mentioned steps can be followed and used properly in order to make your app work properly and also to run the quest smoothly as the bugs can also be fixed by following these steps and after this you can enjoy your quest and continue playing it again and again.