DroidAdmin Apk not working [Solved]

DroidAdmin app provides an easy way to download multiple files altogether form your computer. You can then transfer these files from your computer to the smart phone easily. You don’t need to transfer these files separately, all will be done together.

The files are uploaded on the DroidAdmin apk using the computer, and a code will appear on the screen. After you do all this, you just need to get the app from the play store and copy the code in it. Next you are to download the required files in it and all will be done.


Droidadmin app not working error reasons:

Before you know about the fixes you first should know about the errors which have led to this issue. The users should now the reasons first that lead to this not working error. According to the research that is done, some f the common reasons are listed below. The users should go through these and then work upon it accordingly to use the app.

Not enough storage

Sometime the users may face the apk not working issue because of low storage. The android device has a number of files. If the space is running low on the device, then you won’t be able to install the package. Due to low space the apps might not work properly.


Insufficient system permissions

Also, the users need to give permissions to the application before they use it. It is quite a possibility that the app might not work properly if you don’t give the permissions. If you haven’t given permission, then your screen will show the message of apk not working.

Incompatible version

If you are making use of application that is not compatible with your device then you might not be able to use the apk properly. If it is not compatible, and still you have installed it then you will not be able to use it properly as it will show the not working error.

How to Fix DroidAdmin Apk is not working

Let us now look at the fixes that you can use:

Method 1: Changing the codes

  • The first step is to visit the Google play store.
  • Now look for the application you want to download that is Droidadmin.
  • In the next step you need to click on install.
  • After it is installed you can change the location of the file. It should be internal only or as per your choice.
  • After you do so make the changes and save them.

Method 2: Reset app options

  • In the first step you need to switch to the settings menu. After that visit the apps and notifications section.
  • Now change your preference. Change it to the all app tab.
  • Now you will see three dots. This will be on the right side. You can now click on it.
  • After you do this you will see some of the features. You have to click on the reset app preferences.
  • In the next step click on the Reset apps dialogue box.
  • Now install the app.

Method 3- Disable Google Play protect

Google play protect has a major role in the app not working issue. This will detect the app that you haven’t downloaded from the play store and uninstall it. Try disabling it for better use.

Method 4- Avoid SD cards

The SD card on your device contains contaminated files in a large number. These files are very harmful for the device. Try not installing these apps on the SD card. If you use your internal storage for this purpose, then it will be much better.

Some of the important tips to avoid this error are listed above. The customers should go through it and try avoiding the error.

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