Dual WhatsApp: How to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Phone 

WhatsApp has become the first thing when we do wake up and last thing which we see when we sleep at night. So if your search is not just a WhatsApp but having dual WhatsApp on your device. There are number of ways for installing dual apps is very easily.

How to use whatsapp for two numbers in dual-sim android phone

It is just that you can pick up your comfortable way and it is possible having dual apps now a days it is not a big deal. So these are some steps to follow and you can enjoy dual apps for future reference.

Dual WhatsApp

  • So add multi-user in your android Smartphone. You will just have to go to the Settings and click on the users and then just add the user (add second account), just decimate the notification, and then click on the user icon and just add the second or add user.
  • So just like you provide all the information about your account you will have to give complete information to set up the new account.
  • As switching to the new user will offer you with an all- new phone interface with default phone settings.
  • When you will be done with all these steps so now you can install WhatsApp in your new user mode with the help of play store.
  • When your downloading process will be done then you have to give all your provide all the details such as your mobile number through which you are willing to WhatsApp (notice it should not be configured with your original active WhatsApp account) then your name then you are done with your downloading steps. (Now you have two WhatsApp on your android). You can also try Faceniff apk and Mobdro apk android.

People use various WhatsApp accounts just to separate their personal and professional life separate and having dual WhatsApp helps you to do so. As WhatsApp have become so necessary now a days and life cannot be imagined without it. So Google play make things very easy for you there you can even get doppelganger apps and that is how you can use so many apps in a single android.

So there are duals for all these apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Skype, Twitter, Instagram and Facbeook. So you must have heard about or noticed in your android dual space this also help you to install WhatsApp directly without doing so much.  So there are some ways which can help you –

  • App cloner – It helps you in installing various apps of your existing apps by cloning it.
  • Dual space – Now this one is the easiest one which helps in having same app in a dual space.
  • Parallel space – It offers you to many accounts and two face
  • Multi – When you use multi that means you can use same account in multiple numbers
  • Supper clone pro – It lets you to enjoy many accounts and dual space.

Now you are free to install and use it accordingly!