How to Use EZView on PC – Download for Windows and Mac


EZView App for Uniview Surveillance

EZview is a surveillance app basically for mobiles but can also be downloaded for your allows you to get the access of your CCTV through your device and can also view the live footage and can record it. With this app you can receiver notification or alarm if someone is entering your property or some unusual things are happening, with the ease of few click on your device.

What is EZView app & Features?

The feature of this amazing EZView app is as follows:-

  • You can access your surveillance system from anywhere in the world and at any time.
  • EZView supports P2P which saves the time and updates remotely through the app.
  • The EZView is easy to set up and this can be done in few seconds by scanning the QR code and also you can manually add the IP information.
  • The EZView app is fully customisable app as you can customise it according to your will and for your ease and personalise it accordingly.
  • You can also control the cameras directly from the app by simply panning, zooming or tilting it in whichever direction we want it to.
  • The playback is also easy on EZView app as we can view more than one camera at one time while playing others in play back.

These features makes EZView a perfect surveillance app for everyone to download and use it.


How to download EZView surveillance app on Windows and Mac


You can download EZView  app on your mobile as well as on the PC. However, the version available is for the android mobile phones. So what you need to do is downloading an android emulator, if you want to use this EZView app on your PC.

  • There are so many android emulators available on market. You can choose your pick. So begin with downloading the emulator for your PC.
  • Now you will open the app on your PC and will be referred to sign in Google play.
  • After the signing in, you will search for the EZView app in the search tab. When found you can click on install button.
  • If you want to download the EZView for your Mac device, then search for the link that offers the downloadable version for Mac. The rest procedure is simple and just the like the regular one.