Final fantasy 9 apk not working [Solved]

One of the most popular games available on google play store with a sell of more than five million copies, such is the popularity of the gaming app, Final fantasy 9.  It is a nice combination of smart features and smooth and ultra-modern graphics.

It takes up 3.2GB space so you must have a good 4GB sized memory card on your device before you install it. In time of version upgrade, it will require that much space as well.

fantasy 9 apk not working

The adventure of Zidane and crew is the main incidents of this game. You can relive those moments of teenage through this game. The game has many unforgettable characters like Vivi and Quina and Zidane and Tantalus theatre troup which makes the game a fairytale.

Fix Final fantasy 9 apk not working

  • Though this game is not free, while you purchase it, you can enjoy the free Final Fantasy experience along with this game.
  • You have to learn new abilities while starting the game. Those abilities you can use for equipping items and get ready for various customizing features.
  •  You can get fully charged and with the trance gauge try to cope with the battle, and you will be able to get powerful new skills for using in the battle.
  • The synthesis feature of the game makes it not waste any item. You can use two items in combination to make it more powerful.
  • There are some additional features like achievements, 7 game boosters, auto-save, and high- definition movie or character models.
  • There are quite a few mini-games within the game. Chocobo hot and cold, Tetra Master, Jump Rope and many other plenty will be there for you to enjoy.

It needs android 4.1 or higher version to work seamlessly.

Problems regarding Final fantasy 9:

  • With an android 10 phone you may face some problem while trying to use Final fantasy 9.  A black screen after the game is launched is a common issue faced by many users. You can try invading the settings and turn the permission off after or before the game is downloaded and maybe this problem will be sorted.
  • Using an emulator is another good option if you are using an iPhone. Download it and install the game via the emulator, so you can play the game without hiccups.
  • Also for other branded android phones, you can try restarting the device and reopen Final fantasy 9, it may cure the issues smoothly.