How to Fix “Can’t Play this Video” Error in Android

If you get frustrated with the habit of your videos getting deleted unknowingly then this post is going to guide you how to get rid of that. And if your saved videos do not play then do not worry, this post has every answer to your question. So do not get frustrated just follow up these steps and there are you are free with the mind. But to know the problem first understand it from the root.

Cant-Play-this-Video Android

  1. The very first thing it can be is your video might be corrupt.
  2. The second reason might be the player would be outdated.
  3. The third reason might be your Android OS would be not updated.
  4. There is a possibility that you would not have download video from the proper sources.
  5. It also happens because of SD card might be corrupt.
  6. The last reason may be that it would be downloaded from the corrupt software and not trusted software.

How to fix this issue?

These steps will definitely be going to help you in so many ways if you are going to look for fixing it. To apply these methods for sixing ‘videos not playing’ problems in any android phones it can be Xiaomi, HTC, Samsung, Motorola etc.

  • Restart or reboot your device

Restarting your phone or rebooting helps you for playing videos. We use it so many times when our phone does not respond to us in a proper way and then it gets okay. After rebooting your device go to your gallery and check out your videos are working or not.

  • Clearing cache on your Android phone

Yes, it also helps when you clear whole the useless datum and cache then it automatically starts working. There might be some corrupt cache which might be stopping your video to work. You can also try Discord and Duolingo.

  • Uninstall insecure apps on your mobile

This also happens we sometimes download apps or anything from untrusted resources and we pay later for it.

  • Update your Android OS

If you have been busy and forgot that your phone also needs medicine then perhaps you are not treating your phone in a right way to update your phone if it has been long because with time your phone needs that.

  • Install VLC player or MAX player on an Android phone

This is one of the options you can do if anything into working or if you feel you have recently update your phone. Then you can download VLC player or Max play. If your video will not be corrupted it will definitely going to work. So do it and check your video.

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How to update the Android OS

  1. You can connect your Android phone to Wifi.
  2. Then you can open up the Settings of your phone to check.
  3. Then just scroll down and at About Device.
  4. Then Tap Update. But mobiles differ as in some mobiles it is software update or system firmware updating. So it depends on the android version.
  5. Then tap check for Updates.
  6. Then tap Updates.
  7. Then click on install/ reboot and install or install system software (whatever you find just download and then your installation procedure will start)

The above advice will be enough for all your problems and these steps definitely going to help you to fix your problem. Or even if it does not work then you can call to the customer acre or visit at the mobile store they will tell you what would have happened to your phone and then they will even help you to rectify that.

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