Fix “Deceptive Site Ahead” Chrome Error

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deceptive site ahead

All about the Deceptive Site Error

It’s the deceptive site ahead considered as a pop-up message displayed system by various web browsers. This error often is confusing to the users because it appears that the system is infected. The message is indeed legitimate however there are cases when the users encounter the warning without any real reason. Here there is a higher probability that the system is infected with various potentially unwanted programs or PUPs. This is developed by the google safe browsing services to prevent users from visiting malicious sites.

It happens like this, that with the opening the site, this service scans it looking for dubious code. If detected with the error that is displayed, there would be source warning users that the website is potentially malicious. The users are then encouraged to immediately close the tab and not return to the site.

However, there is an option allowing the users to bypass this warning and enter the site. As mentioned, there are cases in which the users encounter with this pop up even while visiting the legitimate sites. Probably this is due to the presence of potentially unwanted programmes. These PUPs are going to cause random redirects to various other dubious websites and hence the users immediately encounter the “deceptive site ahead” warning. Indeed there is also a higher probability that the PUPs are going to fake this message to trick users into believing that various websites are malicious. But if the users feel the deceptive site ahead warning is displayed without a legitimate reason, then check the list of installed applications and elimination of any suspicious entries. You can also check  Pandora One APK and Tubemate for iOS.

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How does it happen?

There are most potentially unwanted programs delivering various intrusive advertisements. These are rather delivered using various tools which enable placement of the third party graphical content on any site and often conceal underlying website content. This would thereby significantly diminish the user’s internet browsing experience. These ads can lead to malicious websites and or even execute scripts that download and install malware/PUPs. Thus clicking them risks the computer infection. Furthermore, the PUPs collect various sensitive data that the criminals sell to third parties, who misuse it to generate revenue. This behaviour is going to lead to serious privacy issues or even that of identity threats. There is also some kind of PUPs misuse system resources to run unnecessary processes without the user’s consent.

So that can be all done with the help of mining cryptocurrencies or by performing other unwanted tasks, PUPs significantly affects the system performance and therefore all the PUPs should be uninstalled immediately.

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