Fix Web Page Not Loading Properly and Displays Only Text Error

While downloading on a web page or website in your browser like chrome you will be facing some issues during the process of downloading so here in this method we can fix the issue on your browser.

The main problem is the Web page is not loading properly and displays only text with white background and there will be no graphics or colours in it, most of the times all people face this type of problems.

page display text only

This issue which is generally occurred due to some extensions or add-ons, which are installed in your browser. Sometimes this problem may occur when the page asks for some any JavaScript where your browser may be blocking.

How to fix the Error

Solution:1 – Clear host blocking firewall which is the first step

  • Go to start option and click on the computer.
  • Here you can see the C drive. Open it and go to the Windows folder.
  • And here you look for System 32 and then open the folder.
  • Now you look for all the folders named as drivers.
  • And open that driver folder.
  • After that, on that folder, there will be “etc’’ click that button and open this file by using any text editor like notepad.
  • Now in this folder, you clear any written content or any URL service in the file and just simply save the file.
  • Then you reload your page the problem will be fixed.

The important thing to be noted here is you should be careful while editing since host file will be there if you edit that this will terminate your internet access on your system. You can also try Youtv pro player for android and Casper for android.

Solution:2 – Step to deal with Ad-block extension or add-ons

Browser extensions may sometime interfere with plain layout problems due to working structure, this may occur many times due to the main culprit which is the ad blocker extensions like ad-block plus, ad-block and ghostry etc…

  • For this in Google chrome go to Settings of your browser and see that whether any extensions for ad-block is there and delete them.
  • Once after deleting you can close all the tabs and all the programs which are running.
  • Then open the browser and just again install all the ad-block extensions.
  • Now the page will load properly.

Solution:3 – Reset browser Settings and Clear browsing data

  • In your Google chrome browser just click the upper right of the browser toolbar.
  • You will find more tools there.
  • In that choose clear browsing data tool.
  • And you have to check that the following boxes such as browsing history downloading history cookies and other sites and plug-in data are there in this clear browsing data tool button.
  • Suggest select the beginning of the time and just drop down the menu.
  • You will see the clear browsing data just click on it.

So by this method also you will find a solution where this will remove all your locally stored cache and cookies and after that, you again re-login in all the websites and start downloading in your pages. These are the three solutions to fix this problem.