How To Fix “Server DNS address could not be found” Error

There are several web browsers available online. Google Chrome is one of the best open source as well as a free web browser that any user can use. The best part about this browser is that it is having a simple and easy plus secure interface that is fast as well. The Google Chrome browser is available for all the operating systems including Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows. Additionally, Google Chrome also provides the benefit of getting synchronised with other Google products and services as well. It is known to be the best web browser for having a safe and easy internet browsing service.

There are several advantages of Google Chrome but is still there are some problems that get encountered while getting access to the websites. At this time the error that occurs States “Server DNS address could not be found”.  The simple meaning of this error is that there is a problem with the domain name system address and Chrome is not able to find it. A domain name is basically a human-readable address that relates to a particular website.

Server DNS Address could not be found

Additionally, also contains an internet protocol address that comprises of a number series. In case a person enters the number series instead of entering the domain name then also he arrives at the same website page. Since remembering so many numbers is quite difficult that is why the domain name is used.

The DNS servers match is the name of the domain with the whenever the server not able to find the associated IP address it starts showing the error as “Server DNS address could not be found”. As there are many users who find it difficult to solve this issue but now this problem can easily get resolved by following some simple steps. You can also try ogwhatsapp latest version and playstation 3 emulators for pc

Method 1: Use Google DNS

In case you are having problem with the DNS server then you can fix it by changing it to Google’s public DNS. Google Public DNS is a free alternative domain name system that provides services to internet users globally. These servers are also maintained by Google itself. In order to change the DNS server to the Google’s DNS server you need to:

  • First of all, go to the network connection settings
  • Go to the Start menu and then select network connections
  • You can also select the settings option and then choose Network and internet
  • After reaching the network and internet settings window you need to select the connection type. If it is ethernet then you need to change it by choosing the option given at the right page as “Change adapter options”
  • As right-click on the given option and then choose the properties option
  • Thereafter you need to select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click “Properties”.
  • The TCP/IPv4 window will appear in front of you, from there you need to select “Use the following DNS server addresses”, enter as the “Preferred DNS server” and as the “Alternate DNS server”.
  • Now hit on the ok tab and save all the changes.
  • After completing the procedure go to Google Chrome again and search for the same website.

By following the above-given procedure you will definitely get rid of the problem and will be able to get access to the website.

Method 2: Clear Chrome Host Cache

Sometimes clearing up the most cache also helps in getting rid of the “Server DNS address could not be found” error

  • To clear the host cache, you need to visit the Google Chrome and then open the new incognito window
  • In the new Window, you need to type the address as “chrome://net-internals/#dns”,
  • Press enter and then click on the “Clear host cache” button uh available at the new page

Through this method you can easily fix the “Server DNS address could not be found” error.


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