How to Fix SSL Connection Errors on Android


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It’s a protocol that provide secure connection between web server and browser. There are sometimes error occurs while browsing pages, like, “Your Connection is Not Private”. Today I will provide you solutions to fix SSL connection errors on your Android Browser.


Solution 1 – Rectify the Date and Time of your Smartphone

This problem occur due to many reasons such as connection invalid if the browser system and the web server do not have their clocks set to nearly the same time.

  • Go to the Settings of your Android device.
  • Then you can also find out the option named Date and Time.
  • Then you will have to set right time and turn on the automatic date and time.

Solution 2 – Try disguised mode

Using incognito will help you to save from cookies and Cache data (without storing them).  And when the incognition mode of the browser loads the page in a complete proper way then you will have to do two things such as –

Clear the browsing data of the chrome –

  • Then you will have to click on the given three dots on the chrome browser.
  • Then open up the settings
  • Just click on the privacy
  • Just clear browsing data
  • Just reload the page for checking out to fix.

Uninstall any current app

There are issues with some app which really creates issues for you.  So if you have installed any apps recently you must delete it as soon as possible. For instance suppose if you use Quora then it is android web service for loading up the page in Quora app. It can create issue for SSL certificate error as most if the apps work with web. You can also try 5 best ios emulators for windows and Fortnite for ios.

Solution 3 – Disable Anti – virus

Whether you notice or not but it happens, your anti- virus software blocks few sites with SSL certificate. And if the anti- virus software HTTP scanning functions then juts uncheck it immediately. Otherwise you will have to uninstall the anti- virus software for fixing the issue.

Solution 4 – Clear Data and Cache of the browser

  • At first you will have to open up Settings of your Android device.
  • Then you will have to find out the option called Apps or Manage apps and tap on it.
  • Then just check out the app to know what is creating issues.
  • Then you will get two choices out there one would be clearing data and second would be clear cache.

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Solution 5 – Clearing the Google Services Framework Cache

Google services helps in syncing your data and helps in storing device data. It also assists in creating perfect features of Google play services and related to the Google apps.

  • Go to the Settings > Application manager > All > Google Services Framework > Tap on ‘Force stop’ and tap then tap on the ‘clear cache’ option.
  • Now you just have to reboot your device that is it!

Solution 6 – Factory Data reset

Just in cases if you are unable in doing those things then there is one more option that is resetting your device so now this is the last option which can help you, because it will delete all the wastes (junks) from your device.

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