How to Fix “Err Too Many Redirects” Issue

Sometimes we get stuck when your browser shows too many redirects errors and chunk your website from loading. It often pops up on your screen and you get annoys of this and scratching your head. This is because the address you entered isn’t entered in the right place. This hits in every web browser differently in chrome, firefox and other browsers too. It’s a common error which shows in every browser.

By this only your browser defends you by allowing certain errors before it abandoned and reports the error message as “too many redirects. Needless to worry about it, every obstacle has its own solutions but the important thing is how to fix it. When you type your address on your browser your sites loads because the URL reaches to the designated page.

However, error problems occur due to incorrect configuration which means your address points to a different location is not directing to the right place and shows up “ error too many redirects”. Alternatively, your browser shows you up that address you have put is in a redirect loop. Redirect loop means that you address a webpage, but the webpage address different address and ultimately you got caught in a loop.

How to Fix “Err Too Many Redirects” Issue

These errors occur due to misconfiguration in your settings. But sometimes such obstacles are bit cumbrous. Here we explain some common reasons why these errors are showing up:

  1. Incorrect and different Site URLs.
  2. Misconfiguration settings that you have a Plugin.
  3. Customization problems in .htaccess File.
  4. Your network contains a new site with the same URL.
  5. Using one IP address for a certain number of sites or network

Now you could analyze how tiny mistakes or misconfiguration can block your website and catch too many redirects on webpage.

Ways to Fix “Err Too Many Redirects” Issue

Here are four guidelines to fix this ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS redirect loop error:

1) Test with other browsers

Now you have got to know  ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error may result due to web browser you are using. So you can test with other browser and put the same URL. If the error still determines then the issue may be in server-side.

2) Clear your browser data

To resolve such error which causes the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS, you need to clear the browsing data like history, cache; cookies etc which loaded with corrupted files. Here are some steps to clear browsing data in different browsers

  • On Google Chrome:

Go to the Settings in Chrome and tap to Show Advanced Settings on the settings pages. Tap on clearing browsing button and clear browsing data.

  • On Mozilla Firefox:

Tap the Menu button of Mozilla and Select options for privacy and clear the history data.

You can now check whether the issue still persists or gone while logging in the website.

3) Check your browser extensions

Browser extension may be the other reason which causes The ERR_TOO_MANY. Check the browser extensions you have installed on your browser-

Some instances how to check browser Extension on Chrome and Firefox.

  • For chrome, search for “chrome://extensions” in address bar .you can get all listed below extensions and adjust them while enabling or disabling.
  • For Firefox, Search for “about:addons”, once you get all the extension, you will see the Extension for Firefox is listed below and choose one of them.

You can fix your problem while disabling all the extension or you can enable one extension that causes the problem.

4) Correct your system date and time

You might show up ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS due to incorrect system date and time. Steps to correct your system date and time –

  • Tap Windows + R on your keyboard and type “control” you can see the control panel and click on internet time tab and update your time and date.

The date and time on your system is now updated.

You only need knowledge on how to fix such error which pops up in your tab when you open website pages. If you are using CMS like Word press, magneto then you may face such errors and due to external factors but the above-mentioned guidelines will help you.