How to Fix Slow Buffering Problem on Kodi XBMC?

Buffering is absolute torture, especially when we are getting entertained over movies and dramas after a tiring day. Entertainment is everything that we all need to get relieved and stress-free for sure. However, there is no limit to entertainment and online streaming.

XMBC Buffering Issue

XBMC is one of the streaming media that is available with the help of Kodi though, and yes, even Kodi and XBMC does not work properly for sure. Well, you don’t have to worry about this particular issue and its buffering issues, as we have got loads of easy fix for them.

Here we have mentioned a few types of solutions that you can actually use it to fix the buffering issue though.

XBMC Buffering issue fix: Easy Solutions

You can simply check out these solutions to easily fix the XBMX buffering issue for sure, and you can also keep going with the entertainment for sure.

Tweak it!

Well, this is the first solution that anyone would try for sure when it is about XBMC and Kodi though. You have to enable the unknown sources, within your XBMC streaming device though. You have to click over the system icon that you will see on the system settings and there you can also enable the unknown sources as well. You can also make it start again with the Ares wizard, and install them.

Clean the database

This is the second solution and it is pretty much popular too, and here you just have to clear out the database junk files and the caches files that can actually be acquiring space on your device and that can simply cause issues with online streaming as well.

Sometimes, a few obsolete files may be the issue and it is actually recommended that you delete and clear the database file within your PC or any other device though. You can apply this method on your android device to easily fix the issue.

Kodi Cache

You have to get into the settings of the device and look for cache settings and there you will also find space to clear them out though. You can also simply click on settings and then open and view the file manager as well. You will also see a few caches within the add-ons page as well. Caches can always be the major issue when it is about online streaming for sure. You can here simply install the raw maintenance, and get it done to get back the XBMC online streaming service for sure, and it’s easy with much of these simple steps as well.


You need to remember that when you are deleting and clearing out the caches, you also need to consider clearing the caches from the android applications, from the add-on database, which is ultimately very much important and of course, you also have to clear the caches from the video and the online streaming as well.

With this, you will simply be able to fix the XBMC buffering issue pretty surely and certainly too. You don’t have to worry about these caches as clearing them are pretty much easy and simple for sure.

Well, you have these simple solutions in front of you to fix the XBMC buffering issues for sure, and however, you can simply go with any of the above mentioned buffering issue fix or the solutions though. Also, applying these solutions are pretty easy and simple, and you can just go ahead with it!