Free VPN APK not working [Fix]

VPNs generally hides your IP address so that your online activities are not traceable. The VPNs generally establish secure and encrypted connections to provide its users the privacy even on Wi-Fi hotspot. VPN stand for Virtual Private Network that gives you online privacy and hides the identity by creating a private network from a public internet connection.

A VPN is needed when you want to use an application and it is banned in certain country but by using VPN you can get an access to that app even if it is banned in that country as it hides your online activity and it can’t be traced as your identity is kept anonymous.

VPN APK not working

How to solve if Free VPN APK not working

There are times when your app suddenly stops working due to reasons as stated below:-

Reason for VPN app stopped working?

  • Due to the overload on VPN server.
  • The VPN software that you are using is running out-of-date.
  • Sometimes by using the wrong VPN protocol.
  • The VPN software is not installed properly.

How to fix Free VPN APK stopped working

So to overcome all these problems you can use the following steps:-

  • Check your internet connection as it is one of the major cause of your free VPN not working.
  • You can also check your login credentials as sometimes there are chances of incorrect or not up-to-date login credentials and also you can check the VPN website for the updates.
  • You can restart the VPN software or the browser plug as sometimes this does a lot of work and your VPN will start working after the restart.
  • Also check whether your VPN software is up-to-date and if it is not it will not work so kindly update it.
  • Sometimes even the browser in not up-to-date so to eliminate this issue you can update the browser to as it also causes the VPN to stop working.
  • Reinstalling the app again can also help as sometimes the app is not installed properly, for this do remember you have to delete the previous installed VPN software from your device.

All these steps are the solution to above mentioned problems which can help you to fix these problems and will make your app run properly and smoothly.

You can also check alternative VPNs.

All this can be done just by knowing the reason of the cause and following the step regarding to that. These issues are some common issues and can be easily resolved without much hassle. Your free VPN service will start working again and you can enjoy its services.