8 Cool games like Huniepop for Android & iOS

Huniepop game is a dating game where you will have to choose a character and go on a date with her. While on the date you will have to play the Tile matching game. 

While playing the game you can earn rewards points but this is not an easy game to be. You will have limited time to earn points and complete the date.

Alternative games like Huniepop

This is so interesting 18+ game where you will have to understand the likes of your date in impress her by giving her exiting gifts. 


There are some other games available for Android mobiles which you can try and play as the alternate of HuniePop game. Let see them. 

1 – RoomMates :

This is a hostel life game that will bring you back to your college life. You could either Max or Anne. This is little more than the dating game, here you will have to manage your college life. Doing every task you will have a chance to earn rewards.

Roommates on Steam

This is so much fun loving game relive the college life and make friends and go for dates. The game provides you a good graphical interface and a very easy to use the app.

2 – Mystics Messenger :

This is a good dating game app for girls. If you are a girl then you would have a chance to be a part and experience a virtual love story. 

Here, you interact with virtual characters. Doing massages, phone calls. You can be more romantic with it by becoming intimate with them.

Cover art

Lots of characters available there in the game to be impressed with their massages and by looks and many more things. 

3 – C14 Dating

This is another college life dating gaming app and a good storytelling game. 

Here you will have to be the character of Melissa Flores a third-year anthropology student who going to be a part of an archaeological internship.

C14 Dating on Steam

You can choose character by stories and different personalities and go for a date with which you like. Along with dating, you will also have the chance to take part in the archeology game.

4 – Amber’s Magic Shop

You would be in the character of dark elf Amber running alchemist shop in this game. During the game, you would have a chance to meet different interesting characters to be friends with

Steam 上的Amber's Magic Shop

You will game a good user interface like never before. Different characters with interesting stories and costumes.  

5 – Heileen 3

This game has huge followers all over the world. It provides a wonderful experience of sea and pirates. 

This is a very similar game to HuniePop, making affairs and going for a date with strangers. 

The perfect combination of love, Sea, and Sea journey adventure. With the latest version, you will get new horizons for free.

6 – ACE Academy

This is more interesting and has other stuff to enjoy. Here you will find a sci-fi storyline with romantic elements. So here lots of things to do and enjoy.

For dating, you would have hundreds of options to make the romantic relationship as you want in a dating game app.

Here you will suppose to live in 2050 so here you will find robots all around. Full HD experience makes the adventure more interesting.

7 – Nicole 

This is like a daily routine romantic gaming app very popular among dating game lovers. Here you decide day to the daily action plan, you can take a part-time job and go on dates with different characters. 

You will have to live the character of Nicole. Here you will experience a mysterious storyline to enjoy. This is a good dating game to have on mobile.

The good user interface, easy to use, lots of interesting character to deal with, and chance to earn reward points.

8 – Always Remember Me Free

This is a good alternative app for HuniePop. Here you will have to play with the character of Amy. Here you will have to perform daily tasks of Amy.

It has an interesting storyline where Amy’s boyfriend has lost his memory after an accident. The target of the tasks is to make Amy’s boyfriend remember her back. This is a perfect combination of romance, drama, and mystery.

It has great graphics interface the game has the capability of detailed life simulation and very easy app.


All the above alternative dating gaming apps of HuiePop is available on Google play store and an App store of Apple you can download and enjoy.