Genymotion drag and drop apk not working fix

Genymotion is an Android emulator that is easy to use and that has been designed to help developers to test their products within a safe and virtual environment. In this the developers provides support for various versions of the Android emulators respectively.

Genymotion helps you to virtualize the phone son your computer and the system includes cloud technology that allows you to check the websites and also you can work alongside with others. It is one of the fastest emulator in the world and due to its speed it is very famous among the game developers all around the globe.

genymotion not working

How to enable drag and drop in genymotion

Also, they are easy to use with fast speed and is one of the best emulator present in the market for many years competing with android emulator and bluestacks.

The Genymotion is fully feature packed and it also allows you to build virtual devices in the software. Also, there are plenty of aspects that can be used for testing purposes.

Genymotion Drag not working How to Fix

But as we know that we always face some technical issues with every app and even Genymotion do face some problems and we will discuss about the Genymotion drag and drop app issues and how we can fix it by following the steps given below:-

  • Firstly you need to open Oracle VM Virtual Box that is already installed with Genymotion or manually.
  • Then you have to select the emulator and go the configuration
  • After configuration click on Advanced and then check enable drag or drop.
  • Now you have to relaunch the emulator and now the drag and drop is available.
  • After this you can enjoy the Genymotion drag and drop app.

Now just by using these simple steps you can easily overcome this issue and enjoy the app as it starts to run smoothly again. We have to deal with many issues in every app but there is always a solution for every problem. As we know that Genymotion is an amazing emulator so such small issues can be resolved easily and then you can enjoy the fast speed of this app and also its user friendly interface.

  • Genymotion is also very popular and among the top emulators around the world. It allows a secure and easy compatibility with the testing framework and also you can enjoy a very smooth interactive access to the apps that you have with high streaming performance and low latency.

You can also control the whole environment and then manage your own infrastructure according to your own needs. With all these amazing features of Genymotion you can also easily emit the problems as this app is easy to use and install and easy steps to resolve the drag and drop not working issues.