Google installer APK MiUi not working

Google installer APK miui  not working: Downloading Google installer APK is a necessary part of the miui 8 users as it helps you to get hold of all the google and other apps and also let all the apps run on the device smoothly. The installer can detect, download and install the convenient app store for your smartphone.

Google installer APK miui not working

  • Google installer APK is a light app, it takes 167kb space on your device.
  • There are Google products like service framework, account management, calendar sync, contacts sync, play service, play store etc.
  • This app first downloads all the basic apps and then the services required for running the play store. Your phone does not get clammed with unnecessary apps or services.
  • This is a simpler app compared to the third party as it offers you the options to choose from- there are variations like Aroma, Stock, Mirco etc.
  • The Google installer APK saves you from installing unsuitable apps, which in turn makes custom recovery a hazardous issue.
  • Miui offers two versions of their mobile sets, one is China and the other is global version. The ROMs are different in two sets. China version does not contain the ability to run the Google apps and the world version is compatible with Google products. So whoever has the China version of ROM should use the Google installer APK to get all the necessary google apps.

How to fix When Google installer APK is not working:

  • This is a good app but it does not always work smoothly on all devices. Some devices like Redmi K20 Pro, Mi 9, Redmi Note 7 do not work compatibly with this app. so in that case you can use pre-built GApps package that is ready for Android 9.0 Pie. You do not have to unlock the bootloader nor do you have to flsh TWRP.
  • This is a universal app and it works successfully all over the world for the miui 8 phones. If you find that the installer is not working properly, then reboot your device and it may work when you reopen it after the device is switched on.


The Google installer APK is a stable and trustworthy app. The users who prefer to work with Flash and custom ROMs will be really helped by this app. you can download the GApps package from the website and use that straightforward on your miui device.


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