How to get Grammarly Premium For Free (2020)

Are you looking for Grammarly Premium free version? Then, you are at the right page for a solution for every question related to Premium Grammarly for free. You can get Grammarly Premium account free without paying any fee. Here are some legit ways with which you can get free Grammarly premium version for free.

Grammarly is the world’s best online grammar checking tool, which will check various types of errors such as spelling mistakes, grammar, vocabulary, punctuations, and another word choice etc.


Grammarly will help you in several situations such as spreading out the right word removing the errors in your write-ups. Grammarly can help you handy and it can even your change your writing quality. The Grammarly free premium version can solve 100 types of grammar errors. The premium version has essential features which will fit well for all types of proofreading the write-ups.

Download Grammarly Premium for free

You can get Grammarly premium account free for Bloggers. If you are a blogger or a writer with a ranking blog/ website, then you can get the Grammarly premium version for free. Your blog or webpage should have a good ranking and a decent traffic with a good amount of audience. Follow the steps:

  • Sign up for the Grammarly Premium and use the free version for some days.
  • Send an email to the Grammarly team and you can request and explain to them that you have used the Grammarly version.
  • You can tell the team that you want to do a sponsored post on Grammarly, and you want to get an access to the premium version.
  • Sometimes later, the team will send you the premium account username and password and will be functional for a month.
  • After the review post, you have to publish it and send it to the team; they will give you a lifelong free access for Grammarly premium free version.

There are many other methods with which you can get a free access via Flikover. Flikover is an online company providing the SEO tools and low prices. The company has some paid options, but still, they are giving a free Grammarly premium version for a lifetime. There are more methods just as refer and earn option with the Grammarly version.

So, you have many options left for you to choose and get the free Grammarly premium version, and you will get the access for a lifetime without even having to pay a single penny to the company. This is the great way with which you can get access and make your write-ups more professional and perfect.