Green KineMaster Pro Apk Free Download

If you want a top rated video editor then go no further, you have it in form of Green Kinemaster. An easy to install app which will let you edit all kind of videos of any length and lets you add various kinds of filters is this one and only app.

Get the original apk to avoid any kind of legal issues. You can download and install the apk from any trusted source.


The pro apk offers all the features in unlocked condition as this is a premium apk. It allows you to get the high quality videos as the output and there will be editing done on multi layers.

You can use this apk on your mobile phone as it is a video editor which works fine on the android mobiles. For Youtubers and professional video editors, this app will come much handy as it is easy to manage and work with. There have been more than 10 thousands editors who are working with this app and are satisfied till date.

Green KineMaster Pro

When it comes to filters, it will allow you to have slow motion effects. This is a much celebrated effect which is needed in personal videos as well as professional videos as it makes the video look attractive and stylish. You can trip and crop the video so the length of the output will be as per your convenience. You can omit the unnecessary parts of the video and cuts the clips to make the video crisp and compact.

There is option to add voice over in the videos easily so you can add audio recordings and put it inside the video where you think it will be appropriate. There is key frame animation tool which will allow you to add animations within the video.

The video will be of high visual quality. The Green Kinemaster allows you to export 4K 2160p video at a speed of 30 frame-per-second speed. The volume envelop tools allow you to mix and match more than one audio file and keep one audio subdued while the other one at a high pitch. This process helps to create various moods in the video file.

 The pro version of this app comes with more features like speed control, multiple aspect ratio, green screen background change, water mark removal, low quality to high quality transportation,  layers like overlay, handwriting effect, text or media, voice changer, more than 1000 GIFs and stickers and background noise maintenance etc.

The apk allows you to share the video in various social media platforms like YouTube, Whatsapp, Twitter or Instagram and Goolgle plus.