How to Fix “No Subject” Message Error on Android

The android users are quite aware of the issue of receiving black messages on their device, which does not contain anything else than black space. Often after clicking on the message it says, “no subject”. As we all have so many important messages coming throughout the day, it is really difficult to track the necessary ones in the crowd of such unwanted and valueless messages. Sometimes it shows “failed to download” message when one tries to open the message.

Fix No Subject Message error on Android

Fix “No Subject” Message Error on Android

If you are receiving too many of similar messages and feeling irritating at times, then you should check the phone settings to resolve the problem. You can go and check the mobile networks and see if the Roaming voice is turned on. Also, see that the data and text roaming is turned on as well. Also, turn off the roaming alerts. Hopefully, it will work and you will not receive such messages furthermore.

When you see the message which says “recipient not specified” then maybe it was actually sent to your device from any real contact but is lost at the time when you receive this. This issue is faced by the users of Sony, Samsung, Micromax, or HTC devices. The data loss problem for your messages can be caused by the Hangout messaging app. This is the chat option from google and it allows you to connect with people who have a Gmail id and are there in your Gmail contact list. There can be some issue in the settings of Hangouts which have caused this issue. Here we will be guiding you through the steps to fix this problem.

  • Click on the settings of your device to open that tab.
  • You will get to see Apps or Manage Apps heading on this page.
  • When you click on the All button, you will get to see the name of Hangouts in the list of all apps on your device.
  • Clear the data and cached of the particular app.
  • After clearing the cache restart your device.

Hopefully you will not find any empty messages further.

Using the access point name is another option you can try to solve this issue. For this, you can visit the settings of your mobile device. From here you will navigate to mobile network settings. You will find an option called Access point Names. AT&T users should have ATTNextgenphone at the place of APN. If it is not so, you can correct it. But be aware of the options and remember to edit it like before if this trick does not work.

Also if you are still finding the issue, you can uninstall and re-install the Hangouts app on your device.

When we download any third-party apps, most of the time we click Allow to the option that asks for accessing the messages and SMS of your device. This access allowance may cause the issue of sending empty messages. If in doubt, you can also uninstall and reinstall those third-party applications.