8 Tricks to Boost your WiFi performance in 2020

In this article, we will be discussing the techniques and ways to improve WiFi performance.

Ways to Improve WiFi Performance

The ways are listed below. Go through them and solve your WiFi related issues.

1. Selecting a suitable place

You need to set up your router at the most convenient and the suitable place. All places are not that suitable and will not provide you with the signal strength you require. So if we start placing our router you need to keep in mind that avoid placing your router near the metal objects and also near appliances. These will enjoy some electromagnetic radiations that are not good for your device.


Also, it is very important for you to maintain some distance from the wires. This is quite risky. So if you are finding a place to set up your router you should find a place suitably somewhere in the centre.

You can also increase the WiFi signal by giving it a higher platform or keeping it somewhere in an elevated area.

2. Updates

There is a number of malware and virus attacks which are costing you so much. Their attacks can be surely prevented if we keep our router up to date and update it at regular intervals.


If your router is attacked by the virus then it won’t be possible for you to get the same bandwidth and signal strength as you got earlier.

Also, it will be affected the other devices too.

3. Strong Antenna

There are some antennas that are very weak and too small. It is not on the manufacturers but the reason is that only powerful antennas are large. The router that we normally buy that is only tall about a few inches but the stronger antenna is up to 10-15 inches.


If you are ok with the size of the antenna then you need to buy that powerful antenna that will be very helpful to you.

By using this tall and powerful antenna you can surely boost your WiFi signal and also the power of the WiFi that you might be using at your home’s and offices.

4. Cut off WiFi Leeches

If you want to use a safe and secure WiFi then you need to protect if by using passwords. Since the technology is advancing the risks are also increasing so you need to maintain a secure network for yourself.


If you have the thought that if your neighbours are also having a WiFi connection and they won’t be using yours so you can keep it open then it is very wrong thought of yours. It does not happen actually. They would surely make use of it.

You should surely encrypt your WiFi and also set a password to protect it.

5. Purchase WiFi Booster/Extender/Repeaters

The WiFi boosters or the WiFi extenders or the repeaters are all the same things.

But the simple work they all will do is that they will increase the amplitude or simply amplify the signal and would spread or transmit it.


A good instrument of the repeater or a booster would be about 100 dollars. And the installation of this is also very easy. You just need a few minutes and you can install it easily.

In the installation process, you just need to press a single WPS button and the installation will proceed.

6. Change WiFi channels

There are a number of WiFi channels that you can use. And your router can also broadcast these number of channels. The routers are mostly set on the default channels. These default channels are mostly the channel no. 1 or the channel no. 6.


Due to this reason, there is a jam of WiFi traffic. So to solve this problem what you need to do is just change the channel to a channel which is not occupied as the other channels.

Your WiFi will then give you a good range of the signal.

7. Controlling the Bandwidth-Hungry Applications and Clients

There are a number of applications which are hungry for bandwidth. And due to these applications, the clients and the users come and stick to a network that would give a good bandwidth. So you need to use some modern routers that will protect you from such issues.


8. Use latest WiFi Technologies

You should always try using the latest versions for good features.


These were some of the measures that you can take to increase your WiFi power and strength.